Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"The Art of Radio"

(Uncle Sidney in his ironic disguise of a famous Russian comedian explains the subtle nuances of radio art to attentive workers)

"Dear Beloved Uncle" made a surprise visit to a workers collective today. Uncle just loves surprises. Beloved Uncle took it upon himself to visit the peoples administrative, sub-directorate office of the Volga shoehorn factory No. 12.

All of the comrad administrators were in awe of the wit, and charm of Dear Uncle, and his off the cuff presentation. Uncle warmed to his favorite subject, and waxed poetic on the spiritual nature of a well written, and performed station break.

He then shared several hours of anecdotes about his broadcast adventures with the transfixed comrads. Most touching was his impromptu re-enactment of his dear friend *Simon Loekle's on air reading of Puskin while having just snorted ten grams of cocaine followed by five bottles of Ripple.

*(...noted New York poet, broadcaster, and old pal.)

(An astounded "Beloved Uncle Sidney", and some middle level Party officials witness "Good Comrad Loekle's" amazing performance while under the influence of enough dope, and booze to kill ten Cossacks!!)

Angels wept silver pearls at the beauty of that long ago performance. As the sun set behind Shoehorn factory No.12 our Dear Uncle informed the gathered comrads it was time for him to go. The workers protested, and fell to their knees begging him for just one more dope story. However our most stalwart Uncle mildly chastised them saying that it was time for them to go back to work. Because "Socialism needed them!"

With that our ever thoughtful, and kindly Uncle got on his old bike, and peddled his way back to the Kremlin. There to write more lovely stories about teenaged homosexual Angels that fight for the rights of the oppressed!

Alright this one, which is also from one of my older blogs, is an inside joke for listeners to that commie radio station I work for. Also for my fellow staffers. Esp. that bit about the booze'n dope. Show Biz, I loves it.)


Anonymous said...

Greetings Comrade Sidney:

The Artists and Writers Collective of the glorious Soviet of New Hampshire salute you!

To accompany your stirring account of the great happenings at the New York City Radio Collective, we send you this wonderful anthem of our struggle:

We salute you!

Comrade Chipovsky Wilfredovich (Mr. Chips)

Uncle Sidney said...

Revolutionary Greetings New Hampshire Comrad!

"All Hail the New Hampshire Peoples Revolutionary Directorates of Peace, Enlightenment, and Applied Thumb Screws!"

Ahem,..,all formalities aside we thank you for your progressive attentiveness to the message posted to your cybernetic sub-directorate.

We the so far not purged members of the Ministry of Truth, and broadcast collective are in total lock step support with our comrads of the far north Soviets of The Peoples Democratic Republic of New England.

We thank you for the rightous anthem with which you salute the Russian Workers Paradise, which is for the moment off line,..ahem.

I shall communicate with your collective again,...I assume, after the investigations, and very likely trials of my local party section.

I am sure I shall be found free of reactionary taint.

Eh,...if not, um, well I bid you bright, and correct farewell!

Lino said...

The top pic (Uncle Joe) is no doubt framed in master.

Speaking of which, I note that the channels finally balance, fittingly the left was louder (2db).