Sunday, February 24, 2008

"I love Dolls!"


We had the memorial for my cousin Tempy today. It was the usual family sort of thing. Old relationships renewed. Old feuds either ended or reafirmed. Ya know, Actually I was surprized at how happy I was to see some of my estranged former loved ones. I guess it's just that strange effect that weddings, and funerals has on all of us.

Anyway there's my dear Tempy up there. I'll post more photos later. I'm just so exhausted now. The photo above is from her days as a dancer at the Cotton Club. 'Least I think so. She got around in her day. Infact I'd forgotten just how famous that side of the family was, and in some cases still are.

I'll tell that story some time later on.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Obama is a Queer Coke Head"!

Just heard today that some guy is saying that Obama bought coke, and had Queer sex with him. Thank G-d! Anybody that knows what its like to have his dick sucked by a cute guy while doing an eight ball of blow is the man for me. Obama you got my vote!

Some political blogger named Joe Farah who's clearly out to "Swift Boat" our hero sez that Obama played hide the salami with him. This while smoke'n crack, and snort'n pure blue crystal coke. Btw this is like drinking sterno while also sipping 125 year old Johnny Walker. They just don't go together. Besides Obama has better taste than to do crack. He's a crystal coke man if ever there was one.

Anyway this, and any other shit they flings at President Obama just elevates him even further in my estimation. As for his oportunistic detractors they can suck the feces out'a satan's butt in Macy's window for all I care.


Remember vote early, and often.

"Snow at Last!"

So finally snow in the city. Above are some snaps I took downtown. We got about 7 inchs a few more elsewhere. Thing is it's supposed to be nearly 70f on monday. 'Least that's what they're saying at the moment. This after being about 60f a few daze ago, and then 25f just before that.

The whole winter's been like this. All that chaotic climate change noise. Anyway I got out into the thick of it early this morning. It was swell. I walked in the blowing snow at the southern most end of the city. Liberty Park is a tiny bit of open ground at the very tippy end of Manhattan island.

It was wonderful. There were very few about, and the snow made everything so beautiful. This was heaven sent. I like to think my cousin Tempy put in a word with the weather Angels to let us have just a 'bit' of snow in the middle of our deranged'n confused global heating mess.

Thanks Tempy.

(Please click on the photos to enlarge, and see'em in their snowy glory!)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Time after Time"

As some of you know I've been caregiving for an elderly close relative for the past 2'n 1/2 years. Her name was Tempy. She passed away a few days ago. She waited till I came home from that insane radio station that insists on employing me.

Loved one's do that. Wait, they wait for you. They wait for those they care about before they leave.

Tempy is gone. The last adult from my childhood is gone. I loved her so. She had such a rich, and interesting life. When very young she,like many in my family, was in show business. She was once a chorus girl at the Apollo Theatre. She was also a singer, and an actress.

I come from a large extended family, and Tempy was one of the many bright stars in that universe. We are born, we live, we die. We come to this strange place. Act on it's stage before a wonderous, and frightful audience making our lines up as we go.

Then the curtain comes down, and...

So, an empty bed, and quiet rooms. Well not quiet. There's the clock. The parlor clock patiently counting it's way through eternity. It was like this when grandma passed, then dad, ma, aunts, friends, cousins. That calm ticking downstairs.

You ever notice. All that's left, all that still moves are the hands of those old family clocks. Softly ticking just as it did when I asked my mommy for 10 cents. "Just 10 cents for a comic book ma!"

Okay this is bullshit, but it's all I have right now. I really don't understand death. I don't get it at all. That, and suffering. She suffered more than she deserved. We all do,..or will.

Alright that's enough.

"My Subway Adventure"

Monday, February 11, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

"Yes We Can"

"...founding documents."

UFO's over Brooklyn"

"North American Union"

There's all sorts of noises real, and imagined about the merging of Canada, the U.S.A., and Mexico into an economic union. I suppose on the model of the European Union. Much of the noise is coming from the political right, some of the extreme left, and libertarians that fear a world government. The rest of the cattle don't know'n don't care.

Btw that's one of the proposed flags for our new country above there. Kind'a dull. The severed bloody head of Mickey Mouse on a hamburger bun,..w/fries against a field of loseing lotto tickets would be more like it.

To me it doesn't matter who the new boss's are since they're all bastards that need to be shot. Well okay not shot. I'm against capital punishment. Maybe they should just be made to wear a sandwich board that sez "Fuck Me" while walking through the shower stalls at Folsom Prison, and holding a soap-on-a-rope shaped like a 12 inch schlong. Well maybe not that either.

I'm really no good at being an executioner. 'Could never go through with hurting anyone. Perhaps we should just give them a good sharp talking to. A right dressing down. Then give them their civil service pensions, and send them home.

'But I digress.

An "N.A.U." just means all them government crooks, and murderers from these three country's will be able to grab the goodies from one handy treasury. Speaking of dough here's a sample of what our new money may look like when they get rid of the good ol' green back, paso, and Canadian dollar.

Friday, February 1, 2008