Friday, February 8, 2008

"North American Union"

There's all sorts of noises real, and imagined about the merging of Canada, the U.S.A., and Mexico into an economic union. I suppose on the model of the European Union. Much of the noise is coming from the political right, some of the extreme left, and libertarians that fear a world government. The rest of the cattle don't know'n don't care.

Btw that's one of the proposed flags for our new country above there. Kind'a dull. The severed bloody head of Mickey Mouse on a hamburger bun,..w/fries against a field of loseing lotto tickets would be more like it.

To me it doesn't matter who the new boss's are since they're all bastards that need to be shot. Well okay not shot. I'm against capital punishment. Maybe they should just be made to wear a sandwich board that sez "Fuck Me" while walking through the shower stalls at Folsom Prison, and holding a soap-on-a-rope shaped like a 12 inch schlong. Well maybe not that either.

I'm really no good at being an executioner. 'Could never go through with hurting anyone. Perhaps we should just give them a good sharp talking to. A right dressing down. Then give them their civil service pensions, and send them home.

'But I digress.

An "N.A.U." just means all them government crooks, and murderers from these three country's will be able to grab the goodies from one handy treasury. Speaking of dough here's a sample of what our new money may look like when they get rid of the good ol' green back, paso, and Canadian dollar.

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