Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Rock of Ages"

("Moon Rock" given to Dutch in 1969)

AMSTERDAM (AP) - Dutch museum officials are caught between a rock and a hard place -- over a moon rock.

The bit of stone was supposedly returned to Earth by Apollo astronauts.

But museum officials now say their moon rock is a phony.

An investigation by the national museum has revealed the prized possession is just piece of petrified wood. But the museum isn't getting rid of its now debunked moon rock.

It's being kept as a curiosity.


(NASA on way to Moon!)

Mind you I actually believe we went to the moon. Still I'm not surprised that we handed out snake oil, slight of hand bate'n switch three eyed monkey's to the rubes.

Oldest trick in the book.

P.T. Barnum is smiling in Paradise to see that his legacy is being upheld. No surprise that them phony moon "rocks" was handed out during the Nixon administration.

Actually I kind'a smelled a rat when I was a kid. They was hand'n these fakes to every tropical cutthroat president for life Nixon was butt buddies with.

They seemed to give out more rocks than they officially brought back from the moon!

In fact they even gave one to my radio station I always thought there was something 'odd' about that "rock",...see below.

...thing is it still works. Even after 40 years.

It may not be from the moon, but it ain't from here.

"Happy Birthday NASA"

I forgot Nasa's birthday this year,...the incompetent murdering bastards. It was on July 29th. The crooks are 51 now. I hope Obama tears them to pieces, and starts over with a new organization.

(Burnt helmet among the shuttle Columbia's wreckage smeared over four states.)

I hope we get an Agency that's actually interested in long term deep space exploration, and development. As opposed to political skulldugery, and insider low bid contracts that kills astronauts.

That, and a lack of vision which keeps us trapped decade, after decade in near earth orbit with our thumbs up our butts. Instead of in deep space where we should be by now.

Anyhow here's 'last' years happy birthday I flipped at these jerks,..enjoy!

(Columbia astronauts burn to death thanks to Nasa's insider Low Bid Corporate Culture.)

Happy birthday you incompetent bastards. Yeah ya went to da moon, but the glory ended there. That was 40!,...four oh!, years ago. Since then you've been a dumping ground for unimaginative wonks, and bean counters.

How many more astronauts you gonna kill with that frigg'n 30 year old shuttle fleet. We should have had two new generations of upgraded spaceplanes by now. However thanks to you, and your pals the budget cutting republicans we're still in near earth orbit driving around in rusted out '56 Studebaker's.

Okay the robotic planetary explorations are cool, and Hubble,...which you want to dump into the sea is the best thing humanity has ever done, thanks to you.

So happy birthday you murdering rat bastards. I hope there's civil trials, and courts marshals for the gang of you for all the astronauts you've burnt alive. Even worse, for all the hopes you deliberately betrayed.

"Watch the Skies"

"Hermione, and Jimi"

"Saint George"

"...then again"

I think I already posted these, but I really like them so here they are again. You ever have that? You make a little piece of something that you just like.

I need to get more dolls. Well that or I need to get out more,..either one. Perhaps both now that I ponder it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"B-29 in Her Glory"

Yeah I'm still a pacifist, but I just loves this stuff,...sue me!

A seriously beautiful video btw. You really should take a peek!

"Unofficial Species"

This is a Cobbly. These folks are one of them unofficial species that didn’t get into the zoology books. Sort of like them Yeti guys, Greys, Mothmen or Faeries.

Btw Cobbly’s are a distant relation to Faeries,..very distant. This ‘cause they ain’t as nice. These folks eat everything in your fridge when you’re at class or work.

They use up your phone, buy junk with your credit cards, and multiply like virus’s.

On the upside they’re seriously cute, and sleep most of the time. The furry specimen above answers to the name “Hotpoint”.

That's the brand of the empty refrigerator box I found him in when I was 12. I’m pushing 60, and he’s still hanging around me.

He,..(?), or whatever hasn’t aged much. No one knows even if the do. Like I say these guys never been on any National Geographic Special I heard of.

As I mentioned on one my various sites. Cobbly’s eat bugs, sleep,…alot, watch t.v. as above, and sing opera highlights. Hotpoint especially likes Carmen.

He loudly sings snatches of Bizet’s “Carmen” all the time to the consternation of my low brow, reality tv watch'n neighbors, but to the delight of me.

Anyway there’s my little pal.

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Hermione, and Draco I"

"Hermione, and Draco II"

I'm too poor right now to adopt a new "Harry Potter" doll. A "Ron" doll is really far away. Still Draco, and Hermione make do till their friends come back.

Stay tuned.

Btw, am I the only one that noticed that the Prof. Dumbledore character was killed off as soon as he came out his his enchanted queer closet?


Friday, August 21, 2009


I've been having seriously weird dreams lately. Clearly I'm not eating enough fried food or drinking enuff coke!

I think the above "Moth Girl" is me, and the kid is my lover,..or something. Anyway I must have slugged him 'cause he has a black eye. on it, and see.

Anyhow a lot of interspecies stuff, 9/11 reruns, a bunch of neat Queer boy stuff, and alien invasions. 'Wish I took notes on these dreams like I used too. Swell material for stories in them.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

" seeing you."

Hi gang. Thanks for your concern about my health. I'm resting, and trying not to take anything too seriously. Hope you're all okay, and enjoying the terrifying heat of this scary summer.

I'll be keeping all of my blogs up, and will comment now'n then.

As No.6 used to say, " seeing you."

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Signal Shifts"

Sorry gang, but I'm a bit ill,..I think. Well not ill exactly. Just weak. Fuzzy. I think it may be a combination of the oppressive heat, and some spider bites.


...and swell they did btw. Anyway I think I'll just stay in bed for a while with the a/c up high.

Also I have pressing personal/health problems so I may have to shut all my blogs down for a few months.

Stay tuned for now.

...little boxes.

"Obama, & Eloise"

Friday, August 14, 2009

"Eloise'n Pal"

Yeah the lighting sucks.

I was too hot'n lazy to set the shoot up properly, but Eloise didn't care so it was cool. Dolls are so much easier to work with.

None of that ego crap.

As long as their box is clean, their eyeballs in tight, hair not on fire, and their stuffing is fresh they're happy.

Humans could take a few lessons from these folks.

"Silver Lace"

(Please click on all Barbies.)

"Red Platinum"

"Girl Friends"

"Barbie's Slow Dance"

"My Barbies"