Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Observatory back on line"

The New Sydneyland Observatory has just completed it's first observations of the Moon. As I mentioned in the post below the resolution of our current equipment is about that of Galileo Galilei's early instruments.

Which is sweet.

However like our hero I now want better devices for sharper images. The "New Sydneyland League of Dreamers" has plans to further explore Luna. After this the Planets, and 'their' moons invite us.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I almost forgot. I'm seeing more people getting arrested these days. It's becoming noticable. Nothing dramatic or violent.

Folks are being busted for little things. Begging on private property, sneaking onto the trains, stealing in supermarkets. That sort of stuff.

Basically "crimes" by poor people.

So far I've seen no bankers cuffed, and dumped into the System. You know the saying. You steal a thousand dollars you get 20 years. You steal a Billion they make you a partner.

"Moon Shot"

Two more moon shots from my bedroom window. It's cloudy tonight so the Sydneyland Observatory has closed it's sky windows.

Sorry don't have infrared yet so like our 16th century hero Galileo Galilei I have to find another past time for rainy nights. Btw the resolution of my little sony is about what Galileo had. Just barely enough to make out luna surface features. Click on the photos, and see.

Anyway I hope for a clear sky when the moon is full in a few days. If so Sydneyland Observatory is back in business.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Just Checking"

Yeah the 9/11 Ground Zero site is still a hole in the ground. Btw it'll be nine years this fall. To tell the truth I don't think I care that much about any of that memorial stuff anymore.

If it went up as it was supposed to maybe. However too many years, and too much history has gone by. Not to mention a war against the 'wrong' country that has now lasted longer than Viet-Nam. The Iraq blood bath that used 9/11 as an excuse to get started.

What a mess.

Above is the latest idea for a memorial park. It's should be ready in 2015 or 2025 or the year 5000. Like the saying goes, "...Rome wasn't built in a day,...because of the unions."

I guess the only good thing is that the "memorial" park will give the downsized, and homeless a place to sleep at night. That is if the cops don't shoot them. After all got to keep things tidy for the tourists.

If things keep going south in this sad fucked up country I imagine I'll be sleeping under them trees. (Again if I don't get shot.)

"Robot Soup"

"Cathedral of St. John Divine"

These neat guys took me in one grim cold night back when I was homeless. "I was hungry, and you fed me, I was homeless, and you gave me shelter."

Not only did they talk the talk, but they did in fact walk the walk.

(Click, then click again on photos to supersize'em!)

Above is a short video I took in their court yard the next day. (...note the Angel wings.)

"My Umbrella"

"Blue Wall Street"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Moon Watching"

Other than insulting the French I'm in a quiet frame of being. The loss of my brother, and so many of my friends this past season has been soul shaking. I'm still trying to figure things out.

So I'm going through the motions of living. Not so bad really. I'm working on my little house, cooking, reading really bad science fiction. Well that, and taking snapshots of the *moon each night from my bedroom window. Click on'em to enlarge.

Life goes on.

*I've got to get a better camera. I'm still using that old low end SONY. I need something with a better resolution for the heavens. Granted that last shot was through fog.

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Vive la France"

I was just kidding about blowing up France. I was just pissed with the 11th century Normans is all. I don't think I like California either, sunny. Also East St. Louis last I looked is scary as hell!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So I'm taking more vacation time for a change. I'm still freaked out from everybody I know deciding to drop dead this winter. They went, and beat me to it. Just swell. Thanks a lot guys!

Anyway I put in for some of my years of backed up vacation daze. I'd like to go to Disney World in Florida. Umm too far,..and expensive. Maybe Philadelphia to see an old radio pal.

Btw the you ever notice how Philadelphia is spelled like someone just juggled a box of letters'n dumped them out? It was that damned Norman invasion the blew the hell out of the English language ya know.

Them French bastards came over, and put all these silent letters in everything so now not one person in 10 million can spell to save their lives over here. Don't tell me about them spelling "Bee" kids neither,...they're probably French!

One day I'll be dragged away by the guys in white coats. I'll be bug eyed, drooling, and screaming, "...1066! 1066!"

1066 Normans disguised as G.I.s invade England

"The Normans!"

"The frigg'n bastard Normans!!"

"They did it, they did it all"

"Doom, Doom, I tell you!"

"1066 is the true sign of the beast!!"

"Beware, Beware!!!"

'But I digress.

Bleep it I live in the Capital of the World so I'll just go to Times Square, and see a movie.

"...just one bite!"

"Just one bite that's all I'm asking!"

All that Easter candy is going for two cents a ton now. Everywhere you go there's all this surplus candy corn, and chocolate bunnies, kisses, and dildos. All of them saying, "...Buy me ya know ya wanna!" "Eat me you Chocolate love'n fool!

Did I mention the chocolate eggs with cream fillings. Shelves, and shelves of the little guys all saying the same thing!

"Take me home, put me in the freezer then eat me as you watch tv all night long!"


Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Chill Mickey, it's Okay"

So I wakes up today, and to my amazement our favorite President has tried to keep one of his promises. A world without Nukes. He signed some (*paper) that details what we 'won't' do to the world if we get really pissed off.

Sure he sez it "might not happen in our lifetimes",...handy loophole that.

Well what'd ya want it's a beginning.

Also I'm glad that he's getting the message as to how unhappy the progressive community,..such as it is in this downsized, laid off country, how generally annoyed we are with him. Okay he ain't Santa Claus, but at least he can 'try' to be the tooth fairy.

Especially with that castrated National Health Bill of his.

Both things btw, the Nuke deal, and the N.H. joke are full of loopholes so big that the (**"Wall Street Oligarch of Atomic Plunderers") can herd elephants through it.

Still business is business, and we'll see where this takes us.

However Mr. Happy 'still' hasn't come over to make me dinner or declare "Free Ice Cream Day" like he promised when he was running. Well okay comrade Zaek a long time friend of these blogs is right. Sugar is bad for us but still.

***However comrades, my dear comrades who can say no to pastry. Creamy, crusty, sugary, fluffy pastry,....heaven forgive me.

Ahem, I digress.

However like I say here or on one of my 12,000 blogs "I'm giving that Obama guy a second chance", and I am.

Former Vice President Cheney on the other hand is a menace to world peace.

*...We remember what a certain corporal said about "Scraps of Paper".

**...I heard some Stalinist nut job use this phrase at a "Peace" demo when I was a kid. I always loved it in a surreal Che as Pope sense.

Ya gotta love these times. Politics that makes it's own gravy.

***"Begone Mephistopheles, and take thy demon cream puffs with thee! Oh ye foul spirit of Beelzebub's fearful lair."

"I beg of thee! Tempt me no more with thy wicked lip smacking creamy delights from Hades!"

"Well okay maybe one bite."

"Peace Dream"

"Moon over Manhattan"

A sultry harvest moon in April.'s the end of the world.

The moon as seen through the city's heat haze. Click on it to enlarge. I kept meaning to shoot the moon on all them clear cold nights,..too late for that till next winter I guess. This is like snow in August.

Come to think of it, didn't this happen last spring as well. I think I posted crap like this then. Yeah we had a heat wave last April as well. I didn't like it then either.

Stay cool.

Btw the Depression continues. I've noticed more evictions, and assorted chaos on the streets. On Easter gangs descended on Times Square, and attacked the tourists. Four were shot, they lived though. Shades of the 1970's, and 80's when this city was a violent hell hole.

As the economy continues to die expect more madness like this. One thing all agree on is that the bankers that caused this need to be hanged. They should be decorating the lamp posts all along Wall Street, and up Broadway.

Give the crows fresh eyeballs for lunch.

I'm a pacifist, and I think this evil mayhem sometimes. Imagine what them folks that have just lost everything or are about to are thinking.

I have a feeling things are gonna get 'real' interesting around here soon.

"Beats Cat Piss!"

Granted Coca Cola oppresses it's workers, exploits Third World countries, and straiffs peasants with Killer Cola gunships,..or so I've been told. But there's nuthin' like a frosty Coke on a Hot stinky climate changed April day for the pause the refreshes.

They removed the Coke machine from our radio station a while ago in a fit of doctrinaire correctness. I've never met so many people that hated their own country so much. Anyway they replaced it with a Pepsi machine.

Pepsi also bleeps over their workers, and exploits it's overseas sources. They may not have any of them killer gunships though. Anyway commies are morons.

Above is a clip, and fold Coke machine,..don't say I never gave you nothing. Click on it to enlarge print a copy. Cut it out, fold, tape or paste, and you'll never be lonely again.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It was over 90f+ in the Emerald City today. It's still bleeping HOT tonight. Perhaps someone should tell the republicans that climate change is real. Anyway so like all the other proles in town I'm hanging out on my fire escape drinking ice tea, and dreaming of the beach.

Good grief the damned leaves ain't even sprouted yet!

Monday, April 5, 2010

"Comrades Attention!"

Well you pervert comrades that is. I see that you really need a space to rant, and go nuts on,..okay. I've set up yet 'another' blog for this purpose. That's rant, not assault okay?

So go over to "Juno 2012". (...see the links list.)This blog started life as my fantasy s/f page, but I lost interest, and left it drifting in the cyber currents for over a year. When it became clear I needed to put you swell folks somewhere I dug up this old site.

So have at it, and enjoy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So a new season, and new possibilities. Even at this somewhat late date I'm trying to figure this life stuff out.

Fragile as it is.

Hint, laffing is more fun than anything else. Even more more than putting small poodles into your microwave to watch them explode. (...I'm kidding,..mostly.)

Being pissed off, and miserable is just a habit like anything else. So when you feel it coming on go out, and have dinner with a pal. Better yet make them pay.

Another thing don't buy that damned compressed sawdust furniture. It's nothing, but mouse, and bug food. Them little bastards get into the house nest in your digs, and spend the winter eating your glue based sawdust stuff.

Who the hell came up with this stupid crap anyway.

I was in Macys the other day pricing bookcases, and such when I notices it's all made out'a sawdust. The useless junk was pricey as hell too!

Forget about it!

I'll make my own shit. At least them Ikea kits use 'real' wood!

On the bright side I'm coming out of my year long post-homeless funk, and starting to make trouble again. I'm working on the one guy play about my adventures again. That, and I'm working on my other art stuff.

My life is coming back,..kind'a.

Heck I'm even thinking about giving that Obama guy another chance.

Stay tuned.

Friday, April 2, 2010

My "New" Blog

As if there weren't enuff! Look over on the links list at the top, and visit my new blog. I've been meaning to do one about my life as a near Holy Reverend for a while so have a gander.