Thursday, November 29, 2007

" a puzzelment."

I just don't understand it. Technically "No One" visits this page, well 4 or 5 pals peek in sometimes, yet thousands visit my Inkplum pages. They're frigg'n linked too! Ya'd think a few dozens of the courious might come over to see what else I was up to.

Maybe it's just that blogspot is uninteresting. I've noticed other pages that should have large audiences have numbers well below 1k. My page here petered out at 500, and has more or less gone to sleep.

Very strange.

Could it be the counters aren't working? A mystery. Well maybe not. Remember there was a large purge of pages at blogspot this year. Maybe that's soured the adult bloggers with this place. It sure did for me.

Well I'm keeping this page up as a place marker. They way a decommissioned naval vessel beomes a light ship. A becon. A place you can always find me.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, November 26, 2007

"The Bastard makes Sense"

"Bits of you know what"

"Dreams I"

"Dreams II"

"Gil Bruvel"

Speaking of Global Warming"


I just stumbled across the stick with this image on it. That morning was one hazy steamy mess! Boy was that a hot, hot morning, and a steamy hot awful day. You getting I can't handle the summer too well?

It's november, and I'm still freaked out by the only recently departed heat. Yeah summer lasted two extra months,...swell.

Anyway I think that was the hottest day of the year. It was 104f I think with humidity to match. I get thirsty just looking at this damned thing, I have to tell you NYC heat is a first class killer. Never come here in july, august or now thanks to global heating,...september! Foul shit to be sure.

That angry kid on the youtube video above has every right to hate our guts. We did know for decades that we were wrecking the planet. We knew, and we didn't do shit. Until a few months ago our government denied there was even a problem.

Yep if I was a kid I'd be more than just pissed with us.

(...btw click on this pix for the full steamy effect.)

"Bi-Polar Tink"

You may notice that I express things in extremes. Heaven, Hell, and not much in between. If you read my stories, and rants here or on my Inkplum page that seems to be the situation. A friend just asked me about that, and all I could say was environment.

I was raised by apocalyptic nuns, and old school authoritarian parents, and grandparents. There was good, and evil,...Period. All those that didn't believe this were savages. From what I've seen of the world I think them nuns, and my folks may have been on to something.

Mind you that same sort of thinking led to the bloody mayhem of the Christian Crusades, and today's Islamic equivalent. I was here for 9/11 so I get the point. Anyway this perhaps explains my toy soldiers being in the same box as my Angels, and faeries. I suggest you read my story "Head Man" I think it's in my July posts. It sums up my view of things pretty good.

Stay Tuned.

"My Faerie Friends"

"My Flying Tiger Pilot Doll"

"Barbie in Hell"

"Knights in Hell"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"My Favorite Paths"

These above are some of my favorite paths in the Gardens. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens/Prospect Park. I've been going there since early childhood. I love this sweet refuge as much now as I did then.

(...and no it doesn't seem smaller.)

That strange sensation on visiting a childhood haunt. Place's, and objects are familiar yet seem so small. Anyway the Park, and Gardens are as big, and wonderful to me today as back when cars had fins, and milk was still delivered in glass bottles.

'How I remember raceing up those stone steps to the columns. Indeed how I remember walking to the park instead of taking a cab. Amazing me, and my pals would walk a couple of city miles, and not think twice about it.

Good grief.

Below are some snaps of our very late arriving fall colors. They say on the Weather Channel that they won't last long this year. If so that is a terrible shame. Another victim of the great planetary climate change. Still lets enjoy it while it's here.


(Click on all images to enlarge for better detail.)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Halloween 2007"

"Self Medicate"

I just realized what I was doing. Well okay maybe I always knew, but just never told myself. I buy toys the way other's self-medication with dope. Hey I used to do that too, but it kept trying to kill me,...the dope I mean.

Toys are better. For one they look nice, and also they're still there after you get "straight" or whatever not wanting to die is. Also unlike the expensive drugs that you, if you're lucky, piss or crap out of ya body. Toys are cost effective. So I suggest toys.

You can always give them away later to some swell kid in ya life. That's what I mostly do or did. See they all grew up so my toys is kind'a backed up on me. That's why I takes pictures of 'em so much. I'm trying to put them to work finally.

Get them to earn their keep in my leaky hovel. I really have to shovel my house out one of these daze. I'm seriously back up with dolls books, and assorted trucks, and choo-choo's.

Yeah I'll get to it. Till then I'm thinking of more electric trains. Btw scroll down I've got some swell pixtures of some of my rolling stock further down. I loves trains. Got that from my father who got it from his that actually worked on the railroad.

Never met him though, my grandpa, not my dad. Dad I knew, and he's a whole 'nother story.

Oh,...yeah, what am I medicating about?. Um, well the usual Ya know, our old pals, loss, grief, failure, disappointment, lonliness. All the major emotional food groups that we all have so much of. The above nick-kacks is how I handle it. Hey could do, and have done worse,...much worse.

Anyway I brings it up 'cause I'm hurting bad lately. More dead loved ones all that noise. Hey I know that's just how it is, but as I likes to say,..."It's my Blog, and I'll Whine if I want to."

Stay Tuned.

Btw, is anyone there? So odd. Thousands, now really getting towards the tens of thousands, amazing, go to my Inkplum page according to my stats,...see link. However hardly anyone has come here in months. 'Not even to peek. Strange. I mean I'm the same person. Is clicking a link really a barrier?

Or is it the pix's of naked people I puts up on Inkplum,...hummmm. Yeah right,...Duh!