Monday, March 28, 2011

"...and the Moon will fall from the Sky"

Actually I didn't expect it to fall into my backyard.

"Silver Lightning!"

Oh for the old days when nobody dared fuck with us. We owned the sky, the lands, and the seas.

The delightfully demented years before everybody found out just how totally corrupt, incompetent, self destructive, and just point blank stupid we really are.

(Just like the former CCCP.)

So now guys that live in caves, and take pot shots at us with used RPG's think nothing of giving us the finger. We're circling the drain comrades.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"End Time Opportunities"

Boy where does fantasy end, and nightmare realities begin. This 21st century seriously sucks.

Wow shows what happens when you over sleep. I have been too. Early spring fever I guess. Anyway I can't help, but note that the geo-political stability of a big chunk of the world has gone to hell.

There's folks in my 'hood looking to by them pills for radiation sickness. Amazing what a little media fear mongering can do. I tell my neighbors it's more likely that they'll be the next host of the "Tonight Show" than get the slightest wiff of any Japanese gamma rays.

They ignore me, and run down the street screaming about the end of da world insurance, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

If I'd been awake'n thought about it I might have set up a table on Flatbush Avenue with all sorts of bottles filled with brightly covered pills,...aka jelly beans. That, and handy family sized six-packs of anti-radiation juice,...Kool-Aid.

Damn! Missed out again.

Aw well there's always a chance that L.A. might slide into the ocean. I could use them jelly beans,..I mean anti-radiation pills as anti-earthquake pills. That, and my Y-2K supply of beef jerky as end-time emergency suppositories.

Of Course I'm making Jokes about it! What the Bleep else can we Do!

Good bleeping grief!! Our collective unconscious saw it coming, and even made a movie about. This shit wasn't no coincidence. Aw man! We are living in seriously interesting times.

Stay tuned.

Monday, March 21, 2011

"Old New York"

Well for me "Old New York" is the immediate post-war years. I was born in 1950 so remember the city from the early '50's. The town still looked much as it did in the 1930's. It didn't radically change till the 60's, and then again in the 1980's. It's doing it again now.

However I have a romantic memory of how things were then, and I miss it. Not the crap, and awfulness, but the sense of things as they were. ..or at least as I remember them.

The city was historically interesting then. We've lost so many of the late 19th, and early 20 century places, and things. Places taken for granted for generations.

For example my Mom, when we went shopping, would take me to lunch at the "Automat",..yeah that one. The for real as in 1920's/30's movies Automat. Many streets were still cobblestone. This from the era of horse drawn wagons, and carriages.

Also people dressed better. There was more of a consciousness of appearance. One that had nothing to do the the fashion dementia of today. It had to do with self respect.

Well-to-do middle or working class all dressed as best as they could when they went out. I remember my Dad taking me, and my sister to our neighborhood park. We dressed up! He wore a tie, jacket, and fedora, and we wore clean play clothes. I don't have to tell you what it's like now.

There were no glass, and steel clad skyscrapers. Everything was granite, limestone, and marble. I used to think that the buildings were made from Graham crackers, and cookies. This because in the afternoon sun that's exactly what they looked like.

A whole city made from cookies or biscuits..for you folks in the Commonwealth.

You could tell the cars apart as well. This because each manufacturer had radically different designs. least as compared to today. Our rides are made of plastic, and look like melted sneakers. They give just as much mileage too.

The subways system still had rolling stock from the late 1920's , and earlier in service. Everything from the "AB Standard" 1914 model to the 1948 Red Bird was banging around our tunnels.

You could stand on the platform, and see the whole history of subway trains fly by! Also while standing there you could get a five cent Coke out of them classic neat old machines, and candy was one cent!

Aw man, and comics were a dime.

I remember on one birthday my dad got me a dollars worth,..Ten comics!

A vast fortune in kid currency!

Best of times the worst,..blah, blah you get the deal. It's just that things seemed to matter more then. As I say I think we were all more connected to our person-hoods back in that day. Stuff mattered, had value all that.

Mind you maybe them that was adults back then might think all this is a load of crap. Hey I was a kid, and this is what it looked like to me.

Anyway I was just thinking about them times is all.

(This is amateur silent 16mm film taken in New York City sometime in the mid-1930s. This is mostly the city I remember from the early to late 1950's. ...again note how folks dressed when they went "downtown" as they used to say.)

"Take Out"

Oh Boy! Potato product meat product substance, and green fuzz! My favorites!

Wow! Now this is why I love the Emerald City. If it exists it's somewhere in town. You want curry bar-b-q, and re-fried beans to go, problem. I'll take two.

For years take out food was a way of life, and massive fat builder for me.

However now I cook veggie stews, and soup, thanks Nurse Pickles!, and have cut the meat by 80%. Who the hell can afford it anymore. Heck I'm losing a bit of weight for the first time in decades. I thought there was something wrong with my clothes.

Turns out I was shrinking into them.

Good grief!

I still do the take out mambo from time to time! I tell ya A better diet or the New Great Depression will make the pounds melt off,...take ya pick.

Mind you when the petrol, and clean water, and food runs out this town is going to get seriously interesting. Btw I have a pal that's for real stocking up ammo, and supplies for the Great Fall. Till then lets eat!

Then little radish folks went through 'all' that just for you. So the least ya can do is eat'em. Com'on you've had more serious stuff in ya mouth than this! Well alright you can wash this down with magic shruums, but eat ya damned radishes!

"25% of U.S. Kids in Poverty"

No not just the Black ones. The Black kids have been poor forever. Usually at 60%+, but who cares. No I'm talking white kids. Ya know the ones everybody wants to help. Anyway by the numbers 25% of the kids in this country is poor.

This don't count the ones that have been poor for *18 months. After that deadline like the unemployed none of them are counted anymore.

So if ya adds them 'all' in lets call it 30/35% of the kids in this country are eating off food stamps.

*Not everyone qualifies. Apparently being poor'n hungry ain't enough to get government stamps or cards.

The same food stamps the Republicans want to either drastically cut back or abolish.

I just thought I'd mention this.

Btw the Republicans just voted to de-fund all of Public Broadcasting. So I guess you won't be hearing much about any of this anymore. Damn we won't be seeing "Dr. Who" anymore either.

True if our President or Democrats in general had spines something might be done, but,...well you know.

Btw welcome to the United States of American in the 21st century. Man! This End-of-Empire stuff is a scary bitch.

Stay Tuned,...if you Dare!


There's an old show biz saying, "Never go on stage with a dog or a cute kid!) They'll get all the attention.

Not anymore.

We seem to hate our kiddies these days. We ain't too sure about Fido either. Ya know it occurs to me. Would the republican cut food off for dogs. They might not. They like dogs. Probably more than kids.

Humm, be an interesting referendum.

How would Orange County vote on the food for dogs ballot. Fido might come out okay. Especially if there's some good pro-dog political ads showing how nasty, and dangerous kids are, and how cute puppies can be.

Hell I might vote for Sparky over some free-loading hoodlum kids myself.

Yep I think we have a winner.

"Too Much!"

Holy crap here we go again,...'careful what ya wish for comrades!

This makes Three!, Count'em. Three Wars at once for us.

Sure I want that evil murderous bastard hung by his single ball, but still,..ya know.

Look I'm not doing the Libya war or the Nippon melt-downs tonight. It's just too much so I'm being silly instead.

If the damned planet don't blow up, and if the giant spider people from Neptune don't invade I'll be serious, and depressing for you in a few daze.

"Meanwhile out in the Universe"

Here's an Angel's eye view of the lit-up Nile valley, and the somewhat Holyland.

Make you wonder what these guys are fighting over.

"At Last!"

Something that makes eating Hot Dogs worthwhile!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Forward into the Past!"

'Wish I could afford one of them new Dell or Sony time machines they got these days. Turns out there's an infinite number of alternate Earths all more or less the same as this so you go back into 'their' history mess around all ya like, and 'our' time stream is fine. None of the weird muddying of events.

You can go to Woodstock, Stonewall or opening day at Disneyland screw around , and not mess it up, least for us. Gawd know how ya frying the other guy's history. If the Time Cops don't catch ya you're fine.

Anyway I'd go to 1959, and have a ball. Everything is 80% cheaper. So you can live like a plutocrat for a few bucks. Btw be real frigg'n careful to exchange ya cash before ya go. Ya don't wanna go back with dough that sez 2011 on it.

Eh ya might get vaporized,...slowly, by that 40th century Time Police I mentioned. They're always nosing about. So watch it with the 21st century artifacts, and try not to shoot Elvis.

Other than that when I go back I'd get a '59 Mercury Land Cruiser, see above, and hit the brand new interstates for adventure plaid sox drive-in flicks the Brooklyn Dodgers, and priceless, in our time, $0.10 cent comic books!

I'd get laid a lot too in that pre-AIDS, and generally non-toxic era.

Sure there'd be radiation from all them stupid bomb tests them lunatics was doing, but there's radiation now from all them melt downs,..I'd say they cancel each other out.

Ahh, the glorious demented closeted murderous segregated cold war hysteria 1950's in gawds country!

Compared to the End-of-Empire crap we got now it's Paradise!

The one possible good thing about Segregation is that I didn't grow up in these bizarre suburbs. The city sucked, but at least it was human.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"What do I want to be?"

Well I'd like to be nun, I always did, that or the benign President for Life of some small Republic in the South Pacific. I'd be very hands on. I'd deliver the mail, and drive the ice cream truck.

I think I'd have a tv show too where I'd do puppet shows run old Max Fleischer cartoons chat with my shrink, and take calls from my adoring citizens.

Also our gleeful little Republic would be a refuge from persecution to anyone that could get there,...sort of like the U.S. of A. was supposed to be., gangsters war criminals, and assorted hoodlums will be tossed back to the sharks. We're nice, but not stupid.

I think I'd wear some sort'a crown too, but that's as far as I'd take the imperial presidential drag. Okay maybe those weird Aladdin shoes that curl up at the ends. ...but that's it.

I'd have a Presidential Toy store as well.

Every Christmas, and Chanuka all the stuff would be free. There'd be complimentary spiked eggnog too.

That's our flag up there.

Btw I'd work a secret deal with them space alien flying saucer guys. This to keep America or it's client states from bombing the crap out of us.

As for being a nun,..well. I admit I don't have my girlish figure anymore nor do I really buy any of their nutty cosmology. Still having been mostly raised by these maniacs well you see what I mean.

It's beyond explaining.

Stay Tuned.

(Our National Anthem.)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The remodeling of a certain statue for a new era. "The Statue of Security!"

"Right now strip, and walk through the scanners!"

"Any resistance will be considered obstruction of justice, a felony! Punishable by 25 to life!"

I wish this was a bad joke. ain't


Warning, the next few posts are less than gleeful. Hey wadda'ya want I'm going through seriously rotten times just like everybody else. Not as bad as what's going down in Japan or North Africa, but bleeped up more than enough I can tell ya.

Don't worry I'll be my old gleeful self real soon.

Eh, these are random snaps of an action figure around my digs. Hey sometimes I can't help it.

Stay Tuned.

"Finally some Action!"

At last some of the hideous towers of the new World Trade Center complex are rising out of the 9/11 crater. It'll be 10 years in September so they're rushing the job. The Memorial Center is supposed to be done by August.

Fat Chance.

Anyway the crooks stalled the project for a decade so they could get as much ill-gotten dough for themselves as possible. Now that everybody is paid off they're starting to throw some steel at the sky. The project when finished will have all the humane charm of a slaughter house designed by Albert Speer.

I can hardly wait.

Fuck the lot of them, and the dead donkey they rode in on.

Yeah I'm pissed, and so is everybody else in town. Sue us. We've as much contempt for these twisted glass boxes as the designers have for New Yorkers.

These things is for the Boss's, and the tourists. ...nothing against the tourist, screw da Boss's, but ya see what I'm saying.

(Click on all images to enlarge.)

"Saint Paul's"

Saint Paul's church downtown where George Washington went to pray after being sworn in as the Boss. I assume he was begging gawd not to send his evil ass to Hell for not freeing the slaves when he had the chance.

That, and his plans for stealing all the Red Indian lands he could get his paws on!

Speaking of our swell History below is one of the Fulton Street entrances to the subway. This one still has a lower level side door that led to a 1920's speakeasy. It's been sealed for decades,..that secret door. I wonder if there's dusty kegs of booze, and or patrons still in there.

Btw a few blocks west there was once an orchard where British used to hang their deserting solders, and mutinous slaves. Yep! New York,..wadda town!

"The Adventures of Evil Lassie"

"Wuff wuff wuff!"

"Whats that Lassie?"

"You say that grampa is trapped in the uranium mine?"

"Wuff wuff wuff!

"He broke both legs, severed his spine. and is bleeping from the mouth with radiation poisoning?"

"Wuff wuff wuff, grrrrrr, wuff wuff grrrrrr wuff wuff!"

"You say we should leave the sadistic old bastard down there to die the miserable death he deserves."

"Wuff wuff wuff, grrrrrr, wuff wuff grrrrrr wuff wuff!"

"...and we should sell the farm, cash in the inheritance, and go to Vegas'n get laid, and drunk for the rest of our lives."


"Good Dog!"

(Episode One of a Sydneyland dramatic series.)

Stay Tuned.

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Steel Angels"

All wars should be fought on table tops with toy soldiers. This is much cheaper, and far, far safer than the sort of thing we're doing now. It's swell fun too. Also after the battle you, and the enemy can go out for pizza.

As I mentioned somewhere I'm only a "part-time" Pacifist. Depends on my mood, and the weather. Don't get in my face during heat waves, no really,..don't.

Anyway I've taken my Military Blog, "Steel Angels", out of mothballs where it's been for a few years. I've starting posting stuff there again so have a look if you're so inclined to that sort of thing.

Don't worry it's not that nuts.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Mickey on Crack'n Whiskey"

I know exactly how ya feel over there Mickey. Must be hell being a rodent these days. It's no blowjob in the Oval Office for me either. I have a flu bug that won't get lost. My teeth are falling out of my skull. I hate my stupid job, and want to retire.

However like most bleeped over Americans I'd starve on my aledged pension.

Also the Earth is cracking open, and zillion are falling in. That, and we're in a damned Great Depression that may turn into some sort of Civil War. There's still nothing good on tv!

Where the hell is that new "Torchwood" series! It months late!

I'm on all sorts of meds. Ever worse it's not that I can't get laid,....I DON'T WANT TO GET LAID!!! Yuck! How the hell did that happen. I used to be an award winning Pervert. Now all I want to do is read the paper, tinker on the house, and sleep.

Just like my Dad.

Aw crap. I've not only turned into my father, but I think I've morphed into Grandpa, or maybe Grandma now. The kids don't call either. Well all them nieces, and nephews I helped raise.

It's always like that.

When they're in their 20's they ain't giving you a thought. However when the "three-oh" hits when 30+ slams them is the face they come knocking. ...looking for advice, and loans.

Bless their hearts.

Please disregard the rant. I have a flu headache, and I'm generally emotional, and nuts tonight.

Stay tuned.


"Union Hoodlums"

The Workers of the United States of America, known as "Union Hoodlums" by FOX news, and it's followers. The Working slobs of our ripped off Republic are still at it in the Mid-West. These images are from yesterday.

This despite the declaration of "Victory" by Wisconsin's republican governor Walker. Victory over the peoples right to collectively bargain. You know the play by play by now. I'll just say that I'm still encouraged by this amazing, and unexpected awakening by regular folks to the reality that they are screwed.

Totally screwed, and the Ownership class ain't finished &&^%ing them up the %%# yet!

Again to my dumb founded amazement that the People have turned on these evil greedy bastards, and are actually trying to save their own lives.

They want their country back.

The country where they used to have a job, a house, and food, and schools to send their kids to. They'd like all that back if ya don't mind.

The Ownership Society, as President Bush called his class, is telling them they have to return to the poverty of pre-world war two America. Also they should consider themselves lucky they're going to get 'even' that.

For some reason folks aren't happy this cold, and grim prospect.

This is starting to get interesting. If only Obama had been elected.

Stay Tuned.

(Click on all images to enlarge'em.)


by Walt Whitman

Center of equal daughters, equal sons,

All, all alike endeared, grown, ungrown, young or old,

Strong, ample, fair, enduring, capable, rich,

Perennial with the Earth, with Freedom, Law and Love,

A grand, sane, towering, seated Mother,
Chaired in the adamant of Time.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Back to the Future"

With all this Hell going down I need to see the old future again. Funny we didn't see all this 'real' 21st century mayhem coming.

Original 1968 version.

Retro 1950's version.

2011 computer version.

"...this just in"

Besides the end of the world it looks like Qaddafi will win his war on his people. This while the West talks, and sits with their thumbs up their butts. Seems our "hero" has 20,000,..more or less, mercenaries from sub-Shara African countries, including child soldiers, readying for battle.

Even our intelligence guys are saying it's curtains for the resistance. They have the heart, and motivation, but are vastly out-gunned. That's just the hard math of this war.

Don't even bring up Obama. My disgust with him is bottomless. In 2012 I'm writing in my sister, and voting for her. She always keeps her word.

So in a few weeks when Qaddafi wipes out the last rebel strongholds, and the world forgets anything ever happened out there. The Libyan people are in for a reign of terror, and full gulags as the Boss's vengeance is brought to bear on them.

To judge by what he's done in the territory he's retaken so far expect mass executions, and the usual hacking's, and gouging. This mixed with a desperate hit, and run guerrilla war by remnants of the rebel forces.

Think the Balkans back in the 1990's when the west also sat on their ample butts, and looked the other way for years.

On the other hand. The E.U. us or the Easter Bunny might finally smell the oil, and take out Qaddafi's air force. This would radically change the game.


Do I have to say I have no illusions what ever that the rebels are a bunch of happy pro-women, pro-Queer, free speech open democracy flower children?

These folks ain't nice guys either.

However they might be 'slightly' less murderous than the current management. Com'on in times like these ya has to work with what you've got.

Stay tuned.


What the bleep! can anyone make of this HORROR! This is like a bunch'a scary pages from the 'bad' part of the Bible. This ain't the end of the World, but it may be the beginning of the end of us.

This action looks 'EXACTLY' like stuff from that horror flick "The Road".

"When the Meds don't Work"

I was feeling nuts, and Anxious the other night so I built a model of London Bridge.