Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Seven Billion G-ds"

We're a species that seems to need a g-d or gawds. Our consciousness makes us barely aware that there's more to reality than what we can see or touch. So we created gawds, and religions to fill that void. Some are kindly some brutal, but they all express the same yearning to know what's beyond our physical senses.

As with gender, modes of desire. There are seven billion of them. One for each person. So too there are seven billion faiths, paths to the country yet discovered.

The problem is that society only acknowledges two genders, and maybe a dozen or so religions.

Do the math.

No wonder we're all so nuts. Anyway I had another of them Angel dreams a few nights ago. This in the middle of all my other static, and confusions. I can only remember bits, and pieces, but it was basically this.

Pray for...

The Forgotten,

The Remembered,

The Saved,

The Lost,

The Good,

The Evil,

The Cruel,

The Kind,

The Dead,

The Living,

The Tormented,

The Torturers,

The Born,

The Unborn,

The Givers,

The Takers,

The Light Makers,

The Dark Bringers,

The Dreamers,

The Deniers,

The Loving,

The Hating,

The Full,

The Starving,

The Demons,

The Angels,

Pray for the Creatures,

The Flying,

The Crawling,

The Swimming,

The Walking,

The seeds,

The Blossoms,

The Fruit,

The Worlds,

The Stars,

The Seen,

The Unseen,

The Momentary,

The Eternal,

The dream invited me,..and I imagine you to "Pray" for all of the above, and more. As for who or what I'm supposed to pray to wasn't revealed. So they best I can do is to meditate, to acknowledge, wonder about, upon all the above.

Stay Tuned.

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