Sunday, March 6, 2011


Nurse Pickles, and I went shopping a few weeks ago. This after another bout of oral surgery for me. She walks me there in moral support,..what a pal! Anyway while intensely looking for just the right potato peeler in a discount mall I happened on an unusually neat kids book about the former Space Age!

Boy those were the days.

Anyhow as consolation prize for not spending all my dough on Barbie dolls dear Nurse Pickles let me but the book. She helping me with my banking. I have no concept of managing such things, and too often make myself broke.

The money shot is that the book had all sorts of neat stuff about Comrade Laika the space dog who was shot into space,...and left there.

Truly a hero for the Every Dog.

Basically he was screwed at birth. Found wandering the alleys of Moscow the Workers Paradise thought it would be a swell idea to murder Laika in space. "Who cares it is just dog" I don't know if some heavily medal-ed commissar actually said this, but they might as well have.

This trip was just to rub the "First in Space" business in the Yankee Imperialists faces. I don't think Laika or the other four legged candidates were consulted. So Laika is a martyr for all of us proles getting the brown end of the stick.

Btw here's a neat graphic novel about our hero. Eh, a "graphic novel" is a nice way to say adult comic book. Nick Abadzis, and First Second press have issued "Laika". It's a heart warming, and sad tale of a dogs life. I loved it.

Yeah I actually spent money on other than food, meds, and rent. Not an easy thing for most Americans to do right now.

Speaking of which did you know that just 400 people at the top of the economic food chain in this Republic have 'more' wealth than 'half' of the rest of the population of the Fucked Over, and Robbed States of America?

We're 'not' a poor country as some hope you'll believe. The wealth is still there. It was just stolen is all. A relative tiny handful have more dough than 'half' of our whole population.

Here's the math,..400 rich bastards have more dough than 150 million citizens of this swindle. Since the 1970's all the wealth has being going to the rich, and not spreading out.

400 vs 150,000,000

Hummm, think something might be a bit off here. Amazing.

Anyway Laika died so we might be free.

"Laika's recently declassified mission journal."


Anonymous said...

As a kid and dog lover I always thought that was unbelievable.

graymogul said...

Vice-Pres. LBJ: "As Pres. Kennedy's special advisor for space matters, I've told him that if the Commies can send a mutt into space then we're going to send a special dog, a Golden Retriever, and really whip up public support for our space program."
OberGruppen Fuhrer Von Braun: "Herr Vice-Presssy-dent, vee could do zis, but dunt you zink dis might upzet zee dog luffers ven dey find vee cant bring back zee Gulden Retreefer?"
Vice-Pres. LBJ: "Well, Mr. Brown, I'm from Texas, and our dogs work herding sheep and stuff, and that's why I suggested a Golden Retriever which is a useless city dog. What do y'all suggest Mr. Brown?"
Ober Gruppen Fuhrere Von Braun: "Vell, Mr. Vice Presssy-dent, vould you know if Allan Shephard or John Glenn might be Jewish?"

Anonymous said...

graymogul, excellent.