Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Saint Paul's"

Saint Paul's church downtown where George Washington went to pray after being sworn in as the Boss. I assume he was begging gawd not to send his evil ass to Hell for not freeing the slaves when he had the chance.

That, and his plans for stealing all the Red Indian lands he could get his paws on!

Speaking of our swell History below is one of the Fulton Street entrances to the subway. This one still has a lower level side door that led to a 1920's speakeasy. It's been sealed for decades,..that secret door. I wonder if there's dusty kegs of booze, and or patrons still in there.

Btw a few blocks west there was once an orchard where British used to hang their deserting solders, and mutinous slaves. Yep! New York,..wadda town!

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