Sunday, March 27, 2011

"All Good Things..."


Anonymous said...

Are you blogging somewhere else. or is this it? (And of course, the links to the sites you have linked to here?)

Is this post "All good things" supposed to mean you are quitting? (Once again?)

You had a new blog in the aftermath of your getting nuked, but you said you were still working on that with friends. It's hard to figure out what is going on.

Uncle 2012 said...

My friends seem more interested in getting me back online than I am.

Yeah I'll put up an independent site.

I'm just not in a hurry. "Queer Outlaws" is going to happen. When it's up I'll let the comrades know.

Comrade I've been doing this a long time,..I'm tired.

Tired of doing it, and tired of having to start over every several months.

Why don't one of you guys try it for a while?

Uncle 2012 said...

Yes as it happens I am blogging, but it's not a public site.

It's just for me. Eventually I'll transfer the material I'm tinkering with there to "Outlaws".

Thanks for still caring.

Anonymous said...

Did Josh also have a problem with getting nuked before he created his current site for Milkboys? Josh is a really bright and nice boy and I am sure he would help you get something up and running that was nukeproof. Just a thought.

Good luck and keep up your fighting spirit.

edpacht1 said...

The Fear of Boys

Is a boy a fearsome thing to be avoided?
Is his beauty such to make men quail,
to cringe in terror at such an awful sight?
Whence comes revulsion at his naked form?
Why the passion that destroys depictions
such that classic artists ever celebrate?
In a realm of cybernetic visions,
of perverse depictions protected by the law,
where censorship is so loudly battled,
yet the naked innocence of boys is hated,
their blissful images removed,
and their authors threatened and derided.
Is a boy a fearsome thing to be avoided?
Or are the narrow-minded thoughtless prudes,
themselves beset by grievous mental illness,
and will that illness banish beauty from our land
and rep-lace it with the dullness of grey ashes?

----------ed pacht, March 28, 2011, on the pathology of internet prudery