Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Species Faerie"

"Me my Dad our Buick, and the Faeries"

Well there I was in bed with a flu, cold, cough, fever monster thing!" It's almost like being stoned. Everything is sort of sideways, and different colors. I'd be enjoying this if I wasn't so sick.

Anyway being in this frame of mind I naturally thought about my wee pals the faeries. City faeries are neat, but you have to be quick to spot them. This is a tough town, and faerie or not you have to be fast to get over.

As I mentioned in one of my other story's city faeries are attracted to neon lights. It's not unusual in summer to see faeries around brightly lit pizza, and ice cream stands. They also like the ruby red of tail lights. In fact that's how I saw one of my first faerie's.

This happened a few thousand years ago when America was fat happy'n on the make. Heck my dad was a baker, and he got us a nice house, car, and tv. On a bakers salary!

We'll 'never' see times like 'that' again.

Aw well, one night in this long ago gleeful time I was sitting next to my dad on the front seat of our new Buick.

A 1958 sky blue, and white two tone. Detroit knew what it was doing in them days.

Anyway as is the habit of kids on long car rides I was squinting my eyes to make the passing street lights look weird. I had just begun to do the same with the tail lights ahead of us when I see something odd.

"Wow that's a big bug!" I thought.

Only when I stopped squinting it wasn't. A bug that is. It wasn't tinker bell either.

Ya'know whole generations of rubes got really bogus ideas of what faeries look like 'cause of all the Disney propaganda. Thing is faerie's is just like folks. Just alot smaller,..with wings,..and feelers, weird colors, sometimes extra arms'n stuff, magical powers, halos, and eh...

Well okay faerie's ain't like folks at all, but so what.

So there I am sitting next to the old man as we're roll'n through Queens, and there's these little faerie guys darting around the tail lights of the Oldsmobile in front of us.

Hey, com'on ya can't make this stuff up.

Now ya'see by this time I'm an 'experienced' kid, and know 'better' than to tell my dad that I'm seeing tiny bug people on the ass-end of the car he's tailgating.

Hey gimme some credit. I still remember the penance I had to do for one of my previous visions.

I foolishly told my folks that I saw flaming bat winged hog demons flying out of an open manhole on Flatbush Avenue. My mom made me kneel on a steel rod while I said the rosary ten times over for being in league with Satan.

Heck I never even met the guy.

Sooo, I keeps my young trap shut, and enjoys the doing's of the wee folk in front of us. If dad saw anything he wasn't about to tell me. He knew better too.

Still they was fun to watch, and they meant no harm.

Not like that hairy sky-monster-thing. Ya know the one on that famous "Twilight Zone" episode w/the pre-"Trek" Shantner.

(Click on this illustration for effect.)

The furry bastard, not Shantner, just floats in the air chasing after airplanes. When he catches one he rips their engines apart so they crash. Remember that one? Over forty years later, and it still scares the crap out'a me!

Rod you're the Man!

"Yes all very interesting" you say, "but Uncle Sidney what the hell are you getting at with all this?"

Ah, I'm glad you asked!

See what with Spring, and the warmer weather not long off we has to prepare for "Faerie Time!"

"...the 'fuck'?" you say.

Hear me out.

As we know from traditions handed down from kid, to kid. Like the varied rules of stick ball or ring-a-leave-vee-oh!, or ring something. The name morphs from block to block, but you know what I mean.

Like "Ring Around the Rosy" passed from child to child for nearly a thousand years. The knowledge of "Faerie Time" has come to the 21st century.

Come June at midnight on that Longest Day "Faeriedom" awakes.

That queer bunch opens their eyes, and begins their summer frolics! Which is to say it's their mating, and general screwing around w/humanity season.

One thing tho' don't mess with'em. Don't be bamboozling or ripping these guys off. They may be cute,..some of them, but they has sharp teeth, and heartless lawyers.

...get da picture?

Otherwise we're all welcome to dance the summer away with them. That business about them abducting folks for years is crap told by the Church, Disney, and the CIA.

..them Hell Demons on the other hand.

'Word to da wise,..stay clear of those bastards.

How long has this been going on? "Faerie Time" No one knows. Rule of thumbs sez they showed up somewhere between Eve, and Babylon.

"The iron tongue of midnight
hath told twelve; lovers to bed;
'tis almost fairy time."

(Francis Bacon, and or Shakespeare)

Legends, real history, are full of traces about faeries" and their weird goings on. That Shakespeare/Bacon play kind'a got some of it right, but they mixed it up with all their class, and culture bullshit of the times.

I guess we all do that in a way.

But "Faerie Time" is real. My older cousins told me, and I told my special friends at school, and they told their friends, and so, and so, and so through the years, and ages to come.

An unbroken tradition from kid to kid. Like learning how to jerk off or shoplift.

When I was little I danced in a faerie circle with the sweet wee folk by the light of a full moon in Prospect Park.

Then again on a warm steamy night in Central Park when I was a happily crazed'n horny teenager. Now in my demented pissed off late middle years I still hear their songs.

Bless the little fuckers!


Friday, January 22, 2010

"My Home Town"

When the Rapture, End Times, Invasion from Mars or Wales comes. I'm staying put. I ain't going nowhere. New Yorkers is like that.

We can take any shit there is. We could'a took a Blitz if the Nazis had invested in that long range "Amerika Bomber" the Luftwaffe wanted. Fortunately both Goring, and Hitler had other fish to fry at the time.

The Me 264. The damned thing looked like a nazi B-29, and could have burned Boston, New York, and D.C. to the ground. Very like what we did to Hamburg, and Dresden with Lancaster's, and B-17's.

Well we 'did' have a mini-Blitz once.

Like a lot of New Yorkers I've been having those 9/11 dreams again. Generously mixed'n seasoned with assorted end of the world visions, and terrors. It's probably the Haiti Nightmare triggering this stuff.

200k, that 200,000 folks dead. That's the number everybody on the scene is is tossing about these days. This doesn't count the 10/20k, we're told, dying for lack of rescue, and medical attention.

To add to the madness some authorities, U.N., U.S.?, turned away some French jumbo jets loaded with field hospitals, medics, and food.


To put the 200,000+ Haitian casualties in historical perspective. More folks were killed or maimed in the Haitian earthquake than in the WW2 atomic bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki. More than in the bombing of London, Tokyo or Dresden.






So 200,000 or more souls cried out at once. No surprise we heard them, and later
dreamed them.

I have no moral. No wise ending. This is just what it is. We all in our many ways sense this great loss.

My way is to dream of the Emerald City in flames, ruined, and forsaken.

Give what you can to whatever humane group you trust to help those remaining.

(Click to enlarge the paintings, and photo.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just heard this in a movie.

"If you dream nice stuff you're in trouble."

"If you dream rough stuff that means you're still fighting, and you're okay."

Really, I wonder.

I also heard characters in that flick, "The Road", say one to the other.

Traveler to an old man,

"Do you ever wish you could die?"

...sez the old man,

"No,..times like these it's foolish to ask for luxuries."

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The Moon shall turn to blood, the stars shall fall from the sky, the sea shall dry, and the land wither.

The Earth will gape, and the Hounds of Hell shall pour forth to lay waste the four corners of the world. at eleven.


"Constellation of Desires"

This fortune cookie phrase came to me when I woke up the one morning a few weeks ago. I've taken to writing stuff like this down again,..ya never know.

Anyway when a notion like this shows up I try to turn it into a sentence.

"We are driven by a constellation of desires, and a sea of fears."

Then turn that sentence into a paragraph, and the paragraph into an essay or story. I dream of one day turning those assorted paragraphs into a book.

However I've yet to nurture a coherent narrative out of this babel.

You'll be the first to know If I ever do.

Till then the original phrase is something to think about.

"Parisian Barbie"

I know I've posted alot of shots of this particular doll. I really loves her. She was a special Christmas present from a dear pal.

I'll be taking snaps of my other dollies in a while. I'll be posting them here. Among other things as you regular fans know I'm a doll person.

My shrink asked me about that some years ago. I'll tell you about that sometime.

(Click on dolls to enlarge if ya like.)

"Fast'n Furious!"

The holiday seasons come so fast, and furious these daze. Is it Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter or Ground Hog Day?

Even the street vendors don't know what to sell anymore.

Between 14th street, and Battery you can buy Christmas lights, Easter bunnies, Valentine candy rabbits,...of which it's Federal Law to bite the head off first,...then the tail,..the rest at your discretion.

You can also get sex aids,..with batteries. Eh, this is a year 'round item.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The 'one' thing we can't live without.

"Wash Day in Heaven"

An Angel hanging clean wings out to dry.


Babies in Heaven waiting to be born.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


*Caution some images are Harsh.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Krazy Kat"

"For Heaven's Sakes"

John Donne, Enrico Fermi, and George Herriman, he invented Krazy Kat, were in a bar in one of heaven's rougher neighborhood's. Ya know, that scary part near Hell. The guys was shoot'n the breeze, and getting sloshed.

Jesus was behind the bar mix'n drinks, and Bessie Smith was on stage sing'n some of her new stuff. Mozart was playing backup on base, and electric fiddle, with Bob Marley on keyboards.

Harriet Beecher Stowe was passed out in front of the cigarette machine. An unlit Chesterfield sticking out of the side of her mouth, and an empty bottle of Wild Turkey at her feet.

Sad. Heaven is really hard for some people.

Just then Queen Elizabeth the First, a very young, and attractive Eleanor Roosevelt, and Emma Goldman wanders in.

Well ol' George invites the gals over for a few, and they has a merry old time together. Hey it's Heaven right?

As usual Donne eventually sez something stupid, and anti-Semitic, Emma leaps across the table rips off his wig, and punches him in the nose.

Enrico swings at her with a beer bottle the Queen bashes 'him' with her Rod'n Scepter!

...'fore ya knows it they's all kick'n the crap out'a each other all over the floor.

Jesus who was on the phone with his nosy Mother didn't notice, and the folks on stage had seen it all before. What the heck they'd already been paid.

Anyway in walks Zeus, and Yahweh...

Always loved this flick!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I thought you all might like to see what I look like,..tonight, and where this blog is done, the moment. Yeah I know,..this is sort of difficult to explain.

I'm a "Hello Kitty" doll. and I live in an enchanted teepee in a magical forest.

Aw man. As Baron Munchausen once said of a similar unlikely happenstance, "...this is precisely the sort of thing that nobody ever believes!"

Story of my life pal.

Normally I'm a cranky aged ex-hippy, commie, semi-retired pornographer living in the frozen Emerald City on the Hudson.

This magical mayhem goes back to when I was a lad. Seems one day while wandering about Prospect Park I stepped into a Faerie Circle.

You know how 'they' can be, it. Had a swell time with the faerie folks'n all while there. However I didn't quite get what they meant by enchantments. They gave me a load of'em.

I think it was their way of being nice to a mortal.


Anyway now, and then all that enchantment jazz crops up, and I turns into stuff. Angels, toasters, cats, fax machines, and sometimes dolls, and action figures.

What can I say life is complicated.

More later, I'm working on a story now.

Watch this video. I really like the song.

"Symphony of Science"

I just stumbled on this wonderful site. Please go to "Symphony of Science". See the link on the right.

This from the website:

"The Symphony of Science is a musical project headed by John Boswell designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form. Here you can watch music videos, download songs, read lyrics and find links relating to the messages conveyed by the music."

What with all the mayhem, and negative hooha everywhere, especially here. It's such a delight to see, and hear something so bright, and joyous!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Watch your Language!"

Hey it gets better. This related to the below post. I'm told that Texas, ya know that state so in love with execution. Great burgers'n ribs though. Anyway they're making it illegal to be unable to speak English to the police.

Basically if a cop or ranger stops you, and you don't speak english you can, and will be busted.

37 have been given summonses so far in Dallas.

I imagine a legal furball will come of all this. Just another sign of our less that happy times.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"It's getting Scary"

The U.S. Mexican border is becoming a war zone thanks to the drug trade, paranoia, and bigotry. That damned wall don't help matters either. Then There's Canada. Our Great Enemy to the North!

When the hell did that happen?

Mexico I can see. Sure they're pissed at us we stole half their country. That, and employing them at slave wage rates all over the place.

'But Canada?!

Now you need a passport, all kinds of hassles on the roads, and train stations in, and out of the Great White North.

As a lad I just walked across the border, just like that.

Back in the day we used to be proud of the fact the the U.S. Canadian line was the longest undefended, unbarricaded border on Earth. True we've had two wars with them guys, and they kicked our butts both times!

Still ya see my point.

(Btw the way this was all Bush's doing.)

Now the Canadian border is as scary as the Mexican. Generations of heartless imperialist yankee oppressors will grow up never knowing that their northern border was once free'n open.

I dunno when I was a kid it was Russian paratroops, and attacking fleets of UFO's that were our only 'real' border worries. Now we fear our next door neighbors.

(...a little more that we did.)

Oh the wonders of the 21st century.

Monday, January 4, 2010

"...And to All a Goodnight"

Or to put it another way I'm exhausted, and will probably sleep for two daze. Well I'll sleep for one, and stay in bed over eating, and watching tv on the other.

I'll be back after all that self abuse for more fun'n games. Till then I loves ya all.

Well I mean in the general sense of affection by a performer for his fans. Nothing of a disturbed erotic fixation or a stalking nature is involved here.

Well alright there was that 'one' intern, but I broke it off after that phone call from her Mafia uncle, and his pals.

Soooo, yeah I going to bed,...alone as in by myself.

Don't want anyone's uncle to come to my house with his pals to perform rough surgery on any part of my body.

No I don't think I wants that.

So as I sez I love you all in the context of the above post.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"See What Happens..."

This Death Cult stuff, as above, used to scare the crap out'a me when I was a kid. There was just too much blood, and terror in the church. Why do so many faiths base all their stuff on mystery, and pain?

None of it looked like any fun.

So see what happens when you don't pay attention. The Irish have passed a blasphemy law. That, and Islamic states are using this madness to word a U.N. deal to screw all of us.

Good Grief! As an aging Queer Anarchist, Roman Catholic, Buddhist, Neo-Pagan I'm totally freaked out by this noise! Blasphemy a crime? You kidding? Every other word I've uttered since I was 12 has been blasphemy!

Folks should believe any weird madness they wants, BUT leave me out of it! That's the real Golden Rule. Live'n Let Live!

This below from the Guardian,

Secular campaigners in the Irish Republic defied a strict new blasphemy law which came into force today by publishing a series of anti-religious quotations online and promising to fight the legislation in court.

The new law means that blasphemy in Ireland is now a crime punishable with a fine of up to €25,000 (£22,000).

It defines blasphemy as "publishing or uttering matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters sacred by any religion, thereby intentionally causing outrage among a substantial number of adherents of that religion."

The justice minister, Dermot Ahern, said that the law was necessary because while immigration had brought a growing diversity of religious faiths, the 1936 constitution extended the protection of belief only to Christians.

Michael Nugent of "Atheist Ireland" said: "This new law is both silly and dangerous.

It is silly because medieval religious laws have no place in a modern secular republic, where the criminal law should protect people and not ideas. And it is dangerous because it incentives religious outrage, and because Islamic states led by Pakistan are already using the wording of this Irish law to promote new blasphemy laws at UN level.

He said that despite the published quotations being abusive and insulting in relation to matters held sacred by various religions, Atheist Ireland "unreservedly support the right of these people to have published or uttered them.

We unreservedly support the right of any Irish citizen to make comparable statements about matters held sacred by any religion without fear of being criminalised.

Nugent said that the group would be prepared to take on the state if anyone complained about the quotes.

"We ask Fianna Fáil and the Green party to repeal their anachronistic blasphemy law, as part of the revision of the defamation act that is included within the act. We ask them to hold a referendum to remove the reference to blasphemy from the Irish constitution."


As you know I prefer cool temperatures to heat, and humidity. Anything over 55f is a brutal heatwave to me. I ain't kidding ask my pals. However I'm no fanatic. When it get's into the single digits I tend to freak out like everyone else.

I was just outside shopping,..I was out'a cashew nuts. My gawd, blowing snow, sharp in ya face winds, and wind chills below zero!

This seems the coldest holiday season in decades, and clear proof future President Palin is on da money! So much for that Global Warming hooha.

Yes I'm kidding.

Yeah, yeah I went into all this in a post below, but Good Grief it's Cold!!! It's gone cold as a tax collector's heart. Eh, no offense to you IRS agents out there. A job is a job, and these are tuff times.

Anyway for all of you above the snowline, a happy New Year, and be ready to chop up your furniture to be tossed into the fireplace.

For the rest of ya,...don't forget the sun block.

Iceland on the Hudson!

"Swing Kids"

This is why I love this town so much.

A subway swing,..perfect.

I want two!

"New Years Ice"

After years of warm Christmas, and New Years the weather it went back to normal this time. Icy rain, and a blizzard for the holidaze. Yep a winter like we used to know back in the swell 1950's. No wonder they called it the Cold War.

'Course this means Global Warming is bleep. Just ask the next President.

Sarah Palin sez there's nothing to worry about. Well that's good enuff for me. Now I can pay attention to what's really important. When the hell will they finish the damned 2nd Ave. subway. The crooks have been working on it off'n on since the 1920's.

Hey it's getting on a 100 years!!

I have my heart set on riding that damned thing before I kick the bucket. So they better get busy 'cause I ain't getting any younger!

"My Cute Stuff"

Friday, January 1, 2010

"My Christmas Wish"

My Christmas Wish came true! Well one of'em anyway. Santa still ain't got me that damned pony! Several posts down I was whining about the world, but also mentioned how much I wanted 'this' particular Barbie doll.

I'd searched all over, and it was always out of stock. Well a very dear pal out there in the blogosphere/radioland heard my tear stained plea, and told Santa.

Two days ago I was at work in the news room of my station,, when the receptionist comes in and sez I gots a package.

...and it's not ticking this time.

I opens it up,...oh my!! This is one of the sweetest presents I've ever got. It's up the with the hand made cards, scarfs, and trips into outer space Nurse Pickles gets for me.

She managed to get our names on one of the Mars rovers, that's cool.

However Barbie is another realm of magic altogether! I took "Parisian Barbie" all around the radio station. Yeah that's right. 200 year old has been radio hack stumbling around a radio station showing off my new doll.

Wbai is a very special place what with being founded by Pacifists'n all.

Everyone was amazed. Delphine Blue, you may know her from Sirius Satellite radio was particularly impressed. She's a doll fan too. Even our street hardened beat reporters smiled at the sight of Parisian Barbie glowing up at them.

I just loves Parisian Barbie!! Also as you can see my other dolls have taken to her right away! This inspires me to take my assorted dollies out of Cryo-suspension, and do some Glamor shots of Parisian Barbie with them. That should be fun. Hey to each their joy.

I haven't taken any doll photos in months. That or drawn any Angels or Faeries in over a year. These past several years of my life have been somewhat brutal.
My creativity has be banged up a bit.

So with this present, and the kind outreaching of my pals. Our little dinner parties, and that swell Christmas eve do.

What with that, and this wonderful, and thoughtful gift I've decided to make a resolution to 'try' to be the brother, uncle, friend, and artist I'm supposed to be.

Happy New Year, and Bless you all.

(Click on images to enlarge.)