Sunday, January 17, 2010


"Constellation of Desires"

This fortune cookie phrase came to me when I woke up the one morning a few weeks ago. I've taken to writing stuff like this down again,..ya never know.

Anyway when a notion like this shows up I try to turn it into a sentence.

"We are driven by a constellation of desires, and a sea of fears."

Then turn that sentence into a paragraph, and the paragraph into an essay or story. I dream of one day turning those assorted paragraphs into a book.

However I've yet to nurture a coherent narrative out of this babel.

You'll be the first to know If I ever do.

Till then the original phrase is something to think about.


Zaek said...

I get it! A constellation of desires is like the seven stars connected with the seven spheres through which pass the incoming souls en route to Earth, which thereby assimilate all their colors and qualities. Our constellation of desires is a zodiacal description of our nature. Or something like that.

poetreader said...

Couldn't help it. This little poem crowded into my consciousness. ...

Constellation of Desires

A constellation of desires
that surround me.
beset me,
invade me,
flow from me,
and lead me,
sometimes to bliss beyond measure,
sometimes to the brink of destruction,
mostly to the places to which I go,
perhaps wisely,
perhaps not,
perhaps to places where I wish to be,
perhaps to places I’d avoid
if I knew
the consequences of the constellation
of the wishes that I harbor
and decide to follow,
but perhaps avoidance of the drawing
of desires that I fear,
may lead to disappointment
in the lack of what might have been,
and in the midst of such a constellation,
torn by desires that may bode well or not,
I struggle, and so often fail,
and miss a chance or fall into a trap.
What guidance can I find?
What help is there for me?
Which choice is best for me?

----------ed pacht

Uncle 2012 said...


Thanks Ed!