Sunday, January 3, 2010


As you know I prefer cool temperatures to heat, and humidity. Anything over 55f is a brutal heatwave to me. I ain't kidding ask my pals. However I'm no fanatic. When it get's into the single digits I tend to freak out like everyone else.

I was just outside shopping,..I was out'a cashew nuts. My gawd, blowing snow, sharp in ya face winds, and wind chills below zero!

This seems the coldest holiday season in decades, and clear proof future President Palin is on da money! So much for that Global Warming hooha.

Yes I'm kidding.

Yeah, yeah I went into all this in a post below, but Good Grief it's Cold!!! It's gone cold as a tax collector's heart. Eh, no offense to you IRS agents out there. A job is a job, and these are tuff times.

Anyway for all of you above the snowline, a happy New Year, and be ready to chop up your furniture to be tossed into the fireplace.

For the rest of ya,...don't forget the sun block.

Iceland on the Hudson!


John said...

Damn you sure must like nuts !
hahahaha !

Man thats some wind, we got some but nothing like that ! WoW !

Theres a guy (whos name I forget)
who`s got a book out "Not By Fire But Ice" if any of you`s is a nite owl and listen to coasttocoast ya
know what I`m talking about.

This winter was prodicted to be really bad and last year was the worst in Canada in many decades.

You all stay warm !

John said...

Hey Sid, just went on the live feed to see how bad the snow was in Times Sq. and it`s all clear ?

Is Big Bro messing with the feeds or what ?

Uncle 2012 said...

The snow seems to come, and go tonight. The video is from maybe two/three days ago.

Still when I went shopping it was blinding downtown.

However on my way back it seemed to have tacked down alot.

They say short bursts on tv. Also Times Square was cleared out earlier.

We had rain/sleet for a while last night that drained away alot snow on the ground.

However he temp went through the basement this morning, and afternoon!

Bottom line,'s bleeping COLD!!!!!!!!

Zaek said...

It was a clear sunny day in my neighborhood today, and I went for a lovely walk. Don't you hate us sun belt dwellers?

As Bucky Fuller observed, we carbon-based life forms can only exist within a narrow range of temperature differential, or we turn to frozen crystals or burn up like overdone apple strudel. No way could we cut it in outer space without special protection, and that's not even counting cosmic rays.

Stay warm! And dry.