Sunday, January 10, 2010

"For Heaven's Sakes"

John Donne, Enrico Fermi, and George Herriman, he invented Krazy Kat, were in a bar in one of heaven's rougher neighborhood's. Ya know, that scary part near Hell. The guys was shoot'n the breeze, and getting sloshed.

Jesus was behind the bar mix'n drinks, and Bessie Smith was on stage sing'n some of her new stuff. Mozart was playing backup on base, and electric fiddle, with Bob Marley on keyboards.

Harriet Beecher Stowe was passed out in front of the cigarette machine. An unlit Chesterfield sticking out of the side of her mouth, and an empty bottle of Wild Turkey at her feet.

Sad. Heaven is really hard for some people.

Just then Queen Elizabeth the First, a very young, and attractive Eleanor Roosevelt, and Emma Goldman wanders in.

Well ol' George invites the gals over for a few, and they has a merry old time together. Hey it's Heaven right?

As usual Donne eventually sez something stupid, and anti-Semitic, Emma leaps across the table rips off his wig, and punches him in the nose.

Enrico swings at her with a beer bottle the Queen bashes 'him' with her Rod'n Scepter!

...'fore ya knows it they's all kick'n the crap out'a each other all over the floor.

Jesus who was on the phone with his nosy Mother didn't notice, and the folks on stage had seen it all before. What the heck they'd already been paid.

Anyway in walks Zeus, and Yahweh...

Always loved this flick!


Lino said...

What a relief it is not to believe in this stuff.

Imagine having Bessie Smith hangin over your head.....

Orwell2009 said...

As for the "Unknown Country" my research is inconclusive.

Having nearly died on three different occasions. Hey I was awake to feel my heart slowly stop.

I was very interested in that process.

Anyway I didn't see Zeus or anybody. Not even my dog Brownie.

However I'm ever hopeful for a decent payoff after having to eat all this crap during my life.

Irish Gumbo said...

Hooray for the Krazy Kat reference! Woot!

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