Friday, January 1, 2010

"My Christmas Wish"

My Christmas Wish came true! Well one of'em anyway. Santa still ain't got me that damned pony! Several posts down I was whining about the world, but also mentioned how much I wanted 'this' particular Barbie doll.

I'd searched all over, and it was always out of stock. Well a very dear pal out there in the blogosphere/radioland heard my tear stained plea, and told Santa.

Two days ago I was at work in the news room of my station,, when the receptionist comes in and sez I gots a package.

...and it's not ticking this time.

I opens it up,...oh my!! This is one of the sweetest presents I've ever got. It's up the with the hand made cards, scarfs, and trips into outer space Nurse Pickles gets for me.

She managed to get our names on one of the Mars rovers, that's cool.

However Barbie is another realm of magic altogether! I took "Parisian Barbie" all around the radio station. Yeah that's right. 200 year old has been radio hack stumbling around a radio station showing off my new doll.

Wbai is a very special place what with being founded by Pacifists'n all.

Everyone was amazed. Delphine Blue, you may know her from Sirius Satellite radio was particularly impressed. She's a doll fan too. Even our street hardened beat reporters smiled at the sight of Parisian Barbie glowing up at them.

I just loves Parisian Barbie!! Also as you can see my other dolls have taken to her right away! This inspires me to take my assorted dollies out of Cryo-suspension, and do some Glamor shots of Parisian Barbie with them. That should be fun. Hey to each their joy.

I haven't taken any doll photos in months. That or drawn any Angels or Faeries in over a year. These past several years of my life have been somewhat brutal.
My creativity has be banged up a bit.

So with this present, and the kind outreaching of my pals. Our little dinner parties, and that swell Christmas eve do.

What with that, and this wonderful, and thoughtful gift I've decided to make a resolution to 'try' to be the brother, uncle, friend, and artist I'm supposed to be.

Happy New Year, and Bless you all.

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John said...

Well, great way to start the New
Year Sid ! A new beautiful doll !

Thru off the shackles of the past
and just move right along !

Uncle 2012 said...

I'll do what I can.

Though really I 'd like to just stay in bed eat pastry, and watch really stupid tv shows.

Still I'll make the effort.

Zaek said...

Pastries, yum! Sounds like fun. Maybe you still need to rest a bit, and the drawing will come when you feel sufficiently restored.

I hope you can pump your creative juices in a way that feeds your indwelling drawing genie. Maybe some Barbie boner comix?