Sunday, January 3, 2010

"New Years Ice"

After years of warm Christmas, and New Years the weather it went back to normal this time. Icy rain, and a blizzard for the holidaze. Yep a winter like we used to know back in the swell 1950's. No wonder they called it the Cold War.

'Course this means Global Warming is bleep. Just ask the next President.

Sarah Palin sez there's nothing to worry about. Well that's good enuff for me. Now I can pay attention to what's really important. When the hell will they finish the damned 2nd Ave. subway. The crooks have been working on it off'n on since the 1920's.

Hey it's getting on a 100 years!!

I have my heart set on riding that damned thing before I kick the bucket. So they better get busy 'cause I ain't getting any younger!


Zaek said...

I am *so* relieved to hear that a distinguished scientific thinker like Sarah Palin has given us these reassuring words.

With a bit of luck, they might finish the subway before the rising ocean floods it. Failing that, maybe they can convert it into something like that Disneyland submarine ride.

Uncle 2012 said...

It already floods. Still I likes the idea of a submarine subway. It'd be the worlds first,...not counting Disneyland.

The way things are going Palin in 2012 posters are in our future. Americans are nothing if not stupid.

So long as the pizza is deliver on time, and football is on tv they're happy.

'Course there was that unexpected out pouring of hope, and courage during the brief Obama blip last year.

After the election he turned out to be just another jerk so that was that.

Everybody has already forgotten that hope stuff, and we're back to normal.

So yeah President Palin's administration should be most entertaining.

Eh, in a locked, and burning orphanage sort of way.

Brian Miller said...

yikes! not mucha fan of ice...and i always listen to what palin

Uncle 2012 said...

Hi Brian!

Yeah you better listen to that gal. Her word will be law soon.

Aw man this is like being trapped in one of Woody Allen's 80's unfunny films.

John said...

A`h man leave that poor girl alone already, please ?

How can she be any worst then the other lot, I ask you ?

I hope Al Gore the guy who said he invented the Internet is not rated as a Thinker ? He sure is a eater ya see the size of that guy ?

If there ever was a time for a
Independent Party I think now would be a pretty good time.
Course like they say it would prob just split the vote, damn !

We did`nt get the ice but it was 10
+ last night so I hada turn the old furnace on and blowing snow too
good old Lake Erie !

Loved the swing too Sid, cool !