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"My Christmas Tree is Still Up!"

"Robocats",...I don't know. It's sort'a like inflatable sex dolls for children. One just doesn't feel right about these little guys. Also above the video are some snaps of my "Genome-Pal" genetic dog-thing-pet hanging out in my 'never to be taken down' X-Mass tree.. See "comment" for details.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"A Wet Snowy Night"

Last evening three of the staff had a meeting about violence, and intimidation at the station. As one of the "Offical Old Fart's" I gave the history of our no-violence rule.

Basically it goes back to the late 1970's. I was witness to the incident, and the solution. I told Tony about all that to give a historic context to this whole mess.

In a nutshell two staff had a fist fight in master back in da day. The then manager Steve Post in response issued the now famous "No Violence" code. What it comes down to is, slug someone you're out for good, banned for life.


That one rule kept the peace at Wbai for a whole generation. From the late 70's to the turn of the 21st century. There was peace till the Coup, and Post Coup era. Since 2000 it's been more or less a free for all here.

Tony said that he couldn't undo the past, but from here forward the "Rule" will be enforced to the letter. I believe him to be sincere in this. The complications arise with the current banning of a former board member that was partially "unbanned" by the last manager.

Unbanned so she could attend committee meetings. Tony feels that he can't interfer with the LSB's internal rules. He suggested that the LSB come up with a new ruling to the effect that when one of it's members is banned from Wbai they would also be banned or removed form any position they may hold on any board or committee.

With the violence prone faction out of the majority such legislation might be possible. As for possible chaos or riots at the LSB meetings. I said that this was not only possible, but very likely. Based on the factions behavior when they were last out of power trouble may come.

What to do if that happens wasn't really covered in any depth. Though I imagine security may have to be provided for the safety of the board members, listeners, staff, and volunteers. Tony I believe has by now seen the video's of our famous LSB riots on youtube.

Speaking of security we discussed the repair or re-powering of the infamous Wbai spy-cams. Also Tony had thoughts on hiring low cost security for the station itself.

He pointed out how wide open we are. That how from time to time we "find" people here that have no connection with the station lurking, and or using the facilities.

There was some disussion about this. There might be bad feelings because of the use of enforcers during the coup, and post coup periods. I mentioned that the station briefly had security when it was at 30 east 39th street in the 1960's.

Again this was just a suggestion for the safty of the staff. Btw, we are a target by both freeloaders, and violent nuts. I so well recall having to body slam an intruder that attempted to assualt Kathy Davis.

Anyway this is my disjointed incomplete, and alsolutely biased report on the no violence meeting. Other comrads who were there can give their feelings, and summations if they like.

(Btw, in respecting for their privacy I haven't named who attended or supported the calling of thos meeting.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The "Toy Cure" for Flu

(Me in my sick bed with my toys, candel light. Sigh, I'm such a romantic.)

"Uncle Sydney Dreams"

Monday, January 14, 2008

"Weatherman Swoons"

It a tuff job reporting on the weather. I mean what with melting ice caps, and killer storms'n such. Then there's them giant man eating roach's. Yeah I'd freak out too.
("Woons?",...alright so I can't spell. I meant "Swoons". Which is what nice ladies in 19th century romantic novels did when overcome by circumstance. Well that or they got the "Vapors". I'm not sure what that might be exactly. 'But I'm guessing it may have something to do with falling helplessly into the arms of the handsome, and charming main character.)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Hey Some Nice Comments Please"

Aw com'on I knows that at least 10 or 12 folks visits here so please cheer me up. It's not like you have to come over to my house, and see all my unwashed dishs, and backed up laundry. That, and my debris field of Sidney junk that's pile'n higher by the day what with da flu kick'n the crap out'a me.

Just post me some insincere compilments like we all do for some jerk at work or school gets sick or kicks da bucket. I won't mind. I just wanna read stuff from you.

Ya know I was thinking the other night. My aunt died of the flu. Just after my uncle her beloved husband passed away. It was too much for her. She couldn't live without him so she let the flu take her. That was that.

If you let it can just take you. While cooking with fever, and going nuts with delirium I knew that if I just stopped fighting that would be that for me too. It's that easy. Hell I'm still here, and bleep'n around with my dolls, and my blogs, and planning new shows so I guess I'm gonna stick around.

Why not.

"New Robot Clock"

I'm real frigg'n proud of myself this morning. I mean with only 6 neurons still somewhat flickering in my meatloaf I managed to install our new post x-mas robot clock! Neat ain't it. I feel like I just crossed the street by myself for the first time or pissed'n didn't miss the bowl. Aw yes, in times of war, and mayhem the mind reach's back to toilet training victories for comfort. Do I get a lolipop?

Hey I know how this sounds, but ya have to take a bow when ya can. Anyhow I'm looking forward to a new year of annoyance, and piles of bullshit. Also maybe a few candy sprinkles of happiness. Anyway that's da plan. 'Course I'm an old fart so I could just up'n drop dead in the middle of this shebang anyway.

Don't worry I'll give a weeks warning. Enuff time to make 250 ham sandwich's, find a steel drum band that can play Shubert, and find a Catholic Buddhist, Anarchist priest to give me a fitting send off.

"Lost in New York"

Our brave Nurse Pickles searchs the dangerous jungles of midtown manhattan for artifacts of a certain Oceanic Airlines flight. As I've told her. When I get some vacation time the whole gang should buy some of them real cheap Oceanic tix's to Austrailia.

I always wanted to see toilets flush backwards.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Wbai Dog"

I shot some footage of "my dawg" while in my sick bed suffering with the wrath of gawd. Fortunatley dawg dolls are immune to everthing except shredders, and fire. So while he pretends to have flu,..this to cheer me up. He is in fact just swell except for a mild fever, fits of lycanthrophy, and occassional incontinence.

"My Dawg"

Oh gawd I'm so sick. Yeah da G-ddess is still punishing me for being such an irritating servant of Paradise. Which is to say when I gets to Heaven the first thing I'll do is unionize the Angels, and open talks with Hell for a cease fire.

However besides that while I've been in bed these many daze I've been playing with my toys. 'Been have'n a ball doing it too. I have divisions of toy soldiers. Highways of trucks, and cars, and 'oodels of dolls.

Above is my latest. I think I'll put him in my next youtube video as a seasonal replacement for the Christmas Dog. I haven't quite given my pal up there a particular name yet, but it'll come to me.

Hey I just had a delirium dream that I was the 12 year old Christ Child. Cool huh. I should get sick more often. I was riding on a motor bike to my crucifixion. I was looking up the hill to see if the thieves had been nailed up yet.

I didn't wanna be late.

I was speeding along on my Honda plowing through a thick crowd of samba dancing mardi gras celebrants. They parted like the Red Sea as I went, and cheered me on. Apparently the crucifixion is the highlight of this festival.

Okay now it gets weird. Angels, I mean with the wings, and everthing lifts me off the bike, and takes me to Heaven,..which btw looks alot like the 1964 Worlds Fair. All this w/out booze or drugs btw. Wow wonder what I could come up with if I down a few peyote buds?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Canyon Clouds"

I was walking down Maiden Lane the other day just south of number 70 Pine Street. That's the pointy building in the middle of the video. Anyway I was impressed by how the clouds were flying over the canyons of downtown.

That, and the sun coming in, and out from behind the clouds. The golden light opening, and fading again, and again against the buildings. Also the birds. There were many that day. If you look carefully you'll see both the peekaboo spray of sunlight. Take note of the building on the right. Also you'll see a few of the birds,..when I tilt the camera.

(Btw I just added a little something beneath Nurse Pickle's the Hello Kitty dance for peace video. It's in my post,..."My Best Pals" a few items below. I think you'll like it.)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Tink",...and my Tree.

Greetings Comrads!

A Happy, and tax free New Year to you all! Well there's good news, and bad news. The good news is that Allah didn't strike down the stars from the sky, turn the moon to blood or let loose the hounds of hell to lay waste the surface of the earth.

Okay, so far so good. As for the bad news. There's apparently a new virulent flu strain forcibly sodomize'n the city.

"...and yeah I got it bad, and that ain't good!"

Ya ever hear tell of the joke of the guy that was puke'n, and crap'n at the same time? Well let me tell ya it turns out it really ain't all that funny.

Aw man! I don't think I can take this liquid load for much longer. Hey I'm 348 years old. Even for a Vulcan that sucks. So little things like apocolyptic viral plagues beats da livin'n shit out'a me now. How embarrassing.

On the brighter side I don't have to go to work,..much. Well at least I shouldn't go to work. However like my parents I'm a responsible sort'a guy,"...neither rain nor snow..", all that. Which is odd since I ain't a mailman. Neither were my folks when they was on the earthly plain. Which is to say Brooklyn.

Humm, wonder if there's Buicks, and post offices in Heaven? Trains, steam locomotives, trams, unicycles, and skate boards. Wonder if folks is use'n that neat stuff on the north side of the Pearly Gates. Well I might be finding out if this shit don't turn around soon.

Being over 50, and having big time flu is generally considered a bad handicap in this earthly rat race of ours. Anyway I gots "Tinkerbelle" to keep me company. You bet your soon to be rubber social security check I believe in faeries.

Alright boys'n girls clap! Clap real hard again!, and again! if ya believe's in them faeries! Believe in 'em? Ha! There was six of them guys sitting next to me on the subway today. Hell I understands one'a them is even related to that rat fuck vice resident Cheney!

Aw da heck wit it. Look I just wants to say that good ol' Tinkerbelle has been keeping ya sweet Uncle Sydney company while I've been wretching my guts out into, and or near the toilet these past several horrify'n daze.

Oh G-ddess do I hate throwing up. Just when ya think it's over, and ya starting to settle down,"........aaaaaaagggggbbbblllllaaaeeeekkk!!" Usually about two feet from the bowl. Never fails. Ya in site of salvation, but ya guts sez fuck it pal we're let'n loose here'n now, sue us.

Aw well. The above pixs are of my dear pal "Tink" which btw I took by candel light while sweating out buckets during various fevered deliriums. Romantic huh? What'a gal,..hubba, hubba. I'm kidd'n. Hey we's both paid up card carry'n faeries. We gots brotherly love for each other.

Eh,...yeah. Tink's a boy. Always was. Look don't let Peter know I spilled da beans on that one. He's real sensitive about his image. Geeze what a closet case. Okay I got's a sloppy date with the plumbing com'n on. Some serious outgassing so this is it for till next time.

Oh one more thing. It's weird. Ya know after ya wretch's up everything out'a your guts? Well like a half hour later you're real hungry.

I mean you'd kill for a chilly dog with extra sauce even though the thought of such a thing would make ya wanna upchuck all over again. Still if you could get ya hands on a plate of them things ya'd pack'em down in a second.

Strange huh?

Btw that's my "Christmas Tree" up top there. My first in maybe 20 years. That's a long story for another time. See you guys later. Remember Uncle Sydney loves ya's.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Uncle Sidney, & Gracie da Kat"

Above is your former Emperor, and his faithful kat Gracie. Also depicted is our former Royal banner,...long may she wave. Ah those happy carefree daze of the Royal Republic of Sidneyland. Alas the forces of reaction drove us from the "Imperial Rock Candy Throne". We were forced to flee our summer palace, and take refuge within distant websites.

Even there we were not safe. Those same enemies of fun, and free expression set loose their poisonous virals to cripple, and erase our fragile footholes in those other spheres. Finally friends in the Kingdom of Beethoven took your battle weary, and road worn sovereign, and royal kat in. For this we are ever grateful. Inkplum is re-established, and flurish's more than ever. Also with the final fall of the Royal Republic a new, and wiser "Free Association" has taken root.

Indeed it has been an eventful year for both our good, and loyal subjects, and your former sovereign. Now we are all equal, and proud in our Free Association.

Hail Gracie! Skruffy Kat of Kats!

Btw, go over to my "Bleeding Queers" page. Such a nice name for a blog. Anyway follow the linky. I gots some cute pixs of my toy debris field. Also some insane Hitler, and Osama videos. Like I sez over there I got a nuclear flu datz kill'n me so I posted some deranged bleep.

Jesus will forgive me. Well if not Him then maybe Zeus or Wonder Woman. Probably Wonder Woman will cut me some slack since I've always been a loyal fan'n all.

I just loves Wonder Woman, hope youtube don't delete these gross videos again.