Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Lost in New York"

Our brave Nurse Pickles searchs the dangerous jungles of midtown manhattan for artifacts of a certain Oceanic Airlines flight. As I've told her. When I get some vacation time the whole gang should buy some of them real cheap Oceanic tix's to Austrailia.

I always wanted to see toilets flush backwards.


Bodmin said...

Glad you're up and about again.

Dunno tho' why one has to go to Oz to see toilets flush backwards - I saw that often enough right in Brooklyn.

sidneylann995 said...

Up, and about is a matter of opinion. As long as I don't move I won't pass out. Perfect for mess'n about on the 'net.

Anyway it depends on ya point of view. Yeah if youse from Oz then our Brooklyn shitters suck it down backwards as does our sinks.

I suppose the climax of oral sex would be the same. However that would take serious research to be sure.

Maybe I should use my down time to cook up a grant proposal. Humm, how to put this.

Dear Ford Foundation I need $500,000. bucks to see what happens when folks gets blowjobs in the southern hemisphere.

Well needs polishing, so to speak. I'll get back to ya on this.

Crap,now I'm nauseous again. It just comes out'a nowhere. I hate throw'n up!

Be back tonight if I don't die,..again. Ha! Remember them overdoses, about near death trips.