Saturday, January 12, 2008

"The Last of Christmas"


sidneylann995 said...

I took these shots, and the short video the night before Christmas Eve. (...I think.) Sorry I only just now got around to putting it up.

I was standing in the park near the memorial Arch to the Grand Army or the Union Army from our not quite finished Civil War.

Anyway, I already miss Christmas. I wish we could try it again, and again till we get it right. This having to wait a whole 'nother year doesn't seem right.

I say let's try again next tuesday, and see what happens.

Thanks to all my pals for visiting, and saying hello, and get well. That means so much to me.

Bless ya Hearts.

Stay Tuned.

sidneylann995 said...

It's 12th Night the absolute last night of Christmas. The great Yule Logs are all ash, and all the decorations are starting to come down.

This is too sad.

"Why Can't it be Christmas the whole year around" I think Melinie did a version of that I really loved. She sang it with such pleading heartfulness.

That's just how I feel tonight.

Merry Christmas my dear, dear friends, and good night.