Thursday, January 17, 2008

"A Wet Snowy Night"

Last evening three of the staff had a meeting about violence, and intimidation at the station. As one of the "Offical Old Fart's" I gave the history of our no-violence rule.

Basically it goes back to the late 1970's. I was witness to the incident, and the solution. I told Tony about all that to give a historic context to this whole mess.

In a nutshell two staff had a fist fight in master back in da day. The then manager Steve Post in response issued the now famous "No Violence" code. What it comes down to is, slug someone you're out for good, banned for life.


That one rule kept the peace at Wbai for a whole generation. From the late 70's to the turn of the 21st century. There was peace till the Coup, and Post Coup era. Since 2000 it's been more or less a free for all here.

Tony said that he couldn't undo the past, but from here forward the "Rule" will be enforced to the letter. I believe him to be sincere in this. The complications arise with the current banning of a former board member that was partially "unbanned" by the last manager.

Unbanned so she could attend committee meetings. Tony feels that he can't interfer with the LSB's internal rules. He suggested that the LSB come up with a new ruling to the effect that when one of it's members is banned from Wbai they would also be banned or removed form any position they may hold on any board or committee.

With the violence prone faction out of the majority such legislation might be possible. As for possible chaos or riots at the LSB meetings. I said that this was not only possible, but very likely. Based on the factions behavior when they were last out of power trouble may come.

What to do if that happens wasn't really covered in any depth. Though I imagine security may have to be provided for the safety of the board members, listeners, staff, and volunteers. Tony I believe has by now seen the video's of our famous LSB riots on youtube.

Speaking of security we discussed the repair or re-powering of the infamous Wbai spy-cams. Also Tony had thoughts on hiring low cost security for the station itself.

He pointed out how wide open we are. That how from time to time we "find" people here that have no connection with the station lurking, and or using the facilities.

There was some disussion about this. There might be bad feelings because of the use of enforcers during the coup, and post coup periods. I mentioned that the station briefly had security when it was at 30 east 39th street in the 1960's.

Again this was just a suggestion for the safty of the staff. Btw, we are a target by both freeloaders, and violent nuts. I so well recall having to body slam an intruder that attempted to assualt Kathy Davis.

Anyway this is my disjointed incomplete, and alsolutely biased report on the no violence meeting. Other comrads who were there can give their feelings, and summations if they like.

(Btw, in respecting for their privacy I haven't named who attended or supported the calling of thos meeting.)


sidneylann995 said...

I really should not have gone out, but I wanted to walk in the snow.

I still a bit dizzy, and weak, but I'm geting stronger. Also a friend said I was "getting my color back",...didn't know I had lost any.

Luckily I got most of it back. Now I can be a Negro again,...what fun.

I think.

Anonymous said...

I too, took a nice long walk last night, part of my new regiem of eating less, and exercising. I was hoping for the snow to stick. Maya got a new sled for X-mas and we are dying to try it out. Well she is, I'll just watch. I can't believe you are still un-well. You know Uncle, we have to start taking better care of ourselves, we need to stick around just to spite those mo'fos. Love and Butterfly Kisses, Lady Susan

sidneylann995 said...

Yeah I'm still looking forward to a decent snow here in town. So far it's always upstate or the midwest.

Heck I think the south actually gets more snow than us now. It's all those screwed up weather patterns thanks to global heating.

Never mind,..I'll get well when the weather warms up.

Still I hope Princess Maya gets to use her Royal Sled in the park soon. Well you take care too Lady Susan.