Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Hey Some Nice Comments Please"

Aw com'on I knows that at least 10 or 12 folks visits here so please cheer me up. It's not like you have to come over to my house, and see all my unwashed dishs, and backed up laundry. That, and my debris field of Sidney junk that's pile'n higher by the day what with da flu kick'n the crap out'a me.

Just post me some insincere compilments like we all do for some jerk at work or school gets sick or kicks da bucket. I won't mind. I just wanna read stuff from you.

Ya know I was thinking the other night. My aunt died of the flu. Just after my uncle her beloved husband passed away. It was too much for her. She couldn't live without him so she let the flu take her. That was that.

If you let it can just take you. While cooking with fever, and going nuts with delirium I knew that if I just stopped fighting that would be that for me too. It's that easy. Hell I'm still here, and bleep'n around with my dolls, and my blogs, and planning new shows so I guess I'm gonna stick around.

Why not.


d. chedwick bryant said...

Get 100% well soon Sidney, and don't forget to take vitamins when you feel better.

sidneylann995 said...

Hi Chedwick!

Thanks for visiting my infirmary. I just had a coconut water gin. Never heard of the like, but I'm told this will help. Well maybe with a lime ricky chaser.

Anyway thanks for visiting, and just for that you get an extra ham sandwich at my wake if I kick da bucket.

Sorry Picles I'm just kidd'n. I'll hang around for Obama's election.

Btw Ched did you really drink that whole bottle of perfume? Wow! ...hardcore!

Anyway Bless ya Heart for com'n by I was gett'n lonely.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sidney- Again, while we love looking at your wonderful blog updates, we hope you will take time off to just sleep and recover. We are here ready to assist with your recovery.

Anonymous said...

get well soon !

Anonymous said...

Dear Sidney, Had to go to R.Paul's site to get to your site. Didn't know you've been sick. I taped last week's "Carrier Wave" but haven't listened yet. Feel better, be kind to yourself, and may 2008 be the year we laugh again! Susan

Professor Montblanc said...

l'espoir vous vous rétablissez bientôt

sidneylann995 said...

Beloved greetings to my dear former subjects, and current pals, and worshipers.

,...even Prof. Montblanc.

Btw, prof. I've been watching the Marx Brothers dubbed into French on youtube as you assigned me.

I'm afraid they are nolonger funny when so altered. If your intention was to prove that the French language has the power to remove all humor form human discourse you have succeeded.

I am now up to chapter 36 of your book "Fuck the English",...a personal journey.

Very interesting.

Your peyote dream of the sacking of London by an army of Joan d'Ach borg clones was most surreal.

Getting back to my life threatening ordeal with this nasty norovirus I think I feel a little better today.

I'll do the Gatorade bath as suggested by you Nurse Pickles in you kind e-mail. Not as messy as that "Blood of the Lamb" stuff, and much tastier.

Also thank you again Dutchess Chedwick for you thoughtful visit eariler,..them ham sandwich's is all ready, and waiting for as as soon as I kicks da bucket.

My deaerst Lady Susan thank you for coming. I've really missed you. I already feel better knowing that you're out there again!

Oh remember them happy daze when we was Kings'n Queens, and stuff. That was fun!

We was one big happy Royal Family, opposed to that inbred neurotic bunch live'n off the shoeless, raged starve'n masses of the former U.K.!

Thank you dear anonymous too for also coming by to cheer up what's left of ya ol' dehydrated Uncle Sidney.

Sorry for playing the sympathy card so nakedly, but I was all fevered, lonely, nuts, and throwing up every five minutes.

Bless your souls. I gonna light some candels to Sir Issac Newton, and Tinkerbelle in your sweet honor.


Joe said...

Get Well Soon! The sane fraction of the earth's peoples needs you!

Cannibal said...

Does this mean you're finally gonna lay off the chinese kitchen barbeque ribs and fried rice? Drink some Ginger Ale (you're too depleted for Ginger Beer). Feel Better Sid!