Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"My Dawg"

Oh gawd I'm so sick. Yeah da G-ddess is still punishing me for being such an irritating servant of Paradise. Which is to say when I gets to Heaven the first thing I'll do is unionize the Angels, and open talks with Hell for a cease fire.

However besides that while I've been in bed these many daze I've been playing with my toys. 'Been have'n a ball doing it too. I have divisions of toy soldiers. Highways of trucks, and cars, and 'oodels of dolls.

Above is my latest. I think I'll put him in my next youtube video as a seasonal replacement for the Christmas Dog. I haven't quite given my pal up there a particular name yet, but it'll come to me.

Hey I just had a delirium dream that I was the 12 year old Christ Child. Cool huh. I should get sick more often. I was riding on a motor bike to my crucifixion. I was looking up the hill to see if the thieves had been nailed up yet.

I didn't wanna be late.

I was speeding along on my Honda plowing through a thick crowd of samba dancing mardi gras celebrants. They parted like the Red Sea as I went, and cheered me on. Apparently the crucifixion is the highlight of this festival.

Okay now it gets weird. Angels, I mean with the wings, and everthing lifts me off the bike, and takes me to Heaven,..which btw looks alot like the 1964 Worlds Fair. All this w/out booze or drugs btw. Wow wonder what I could come up with if I down a few peyote buds?


Cannibal said...

What a cute poochie! Can you rub his tummy and behind his ears? They love that!

sidneylann995 said...

Yeah he just loves it when I do that. He's also fond of corn doddles.