Sunday, October 31, 2010

"My House Wants to Kill Me"

Aw crap I've bashed myself again! Last time I nearly chopped one of my fingers off. This time I slipped, and banged my head against the wall, gouged my side against the bookcase, which thought about falling on me, but then decided not to bother.

Btw, I hit my head so hard on the way down I broke the closet door knob off.

I tried getting up, and slipped again this time landing on my forehead. Did I mention I have a toothache too. Yeah I have insurance, but it's very tiny,...for the tooth that is. Forget about the rest as in my banged up body, head in particular.

Ya know I think my house is trying to kill me.

Well at least it's thinking about it. After all the book case didn't fall on me,..but could have. I don't get why my place has it in for me. I mean I take such good care of it. I haven't crowded it with tons of useless junk or furniture.

In fact everyone sez how Zen the place is.

'Matter of fact the whole reason I slipped, twice, was because my floors are so well polished. I got kind of a fetish about that. Shiny floors. A holdover from when I was homeless. Btw I was able to photograph many dawns when I was wandering around out there. ...a small "upside".

From my year of wandering.

I was so happy to have digs of my own again I've gone into overdrive to keep it nice'n tidy.

So what's got my place so pissed at me that it would try to cut my finger off, then impale me, bash the back of my head then have a second go, and attack my face.

Wait I just remembered. I nearly fell out of the tub the other night. My foot got caught in the shower curtain,..could'a broke my neck.

....shit,..the place 'is' trying to kill me!

Might be restless spirits around. After all the building 'is' about 100 years old. Roman ruins by American standards. Everything here besides, the native temples, and pyramids. Everything here is less than three or four hundred years old.

Heavens sakes Europe, and Asia have latrines, and whore houses thousands of years older.

Humbling that.

Guys over there were taking dumps in warm comfy latrines, and getting laid in cat houses before the first European settlers came to the new world to die of yellow fever, starvation, Indians, or rigged card games.

There's Roman crappers still around from before they built the 2nd Avenue subway. Well okay they still ain't finished it. Did you know that alleged construction is coming up on it's centennial!

Yep they broke ground in the 1920's. In ten, fifteen years it'll be 100 years in the making. A record for corruption, and historic incompetence there somewhere.

My glossy though deadly floors.

Anyway so when I go home what will be waiting for me? Will a bleeping poisonous snake come up through the drain? Speaking of crappers will I get sucked out to sea when I flush? Perhaps get electrocuted when I try to cook hot dogs in the microwave.

Or am I just getting hyper behind a few simple household accidents.

We'll see.

Friday, October 29, 2010

"Time Travel",...Video Restored

"1928 Cell Phone"

Okay here's some footage from a 1928 Charlie Chaplain film. Seems even then there were dvd extras. This scene is from a short promotional about the grand opening of "Charlie Chaplin at the Circus".

If you look carefully you'll see a lady in the crowd passing by talking into what looks like a Mobile, or Cell Phone.

I always thought this was how we'd confirm there was temporal travel going on. Some little pieces of out of place stuff would turn up in some fragment of early media.

Naturally everybody is tearing it down saying it's everything from photo-shop to an early prototype hearing aid. ...maybe, but I like the time travel angle better.

In times of social chaos this kind of thing always shows up. Sort of like the UFO mania during the Cold War.

'Course this don't mean that time travelers, and the saucer guys ain't hanging around. It's just that these times make us 'look' for them. Since all this cultural mayhem can't be happening on it's own. 'Somebody' has to be behind it all.

So It was 'space aliens' that wanted us to a-bomb ourselves, and 'time travels' that shot the Kennedy's, and put the kibosh on the Age of Aquarius. ...maybe

Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Tea Party Nazi Runs for Congress"

Tea Party nut, and nazi fetish fan Rich Lott runs for Congress this term. Like he sez he only dresses up on the weekends. No harm in that.

Btw, speaking of blind faith I just posted some stuff on my "Angel Dreams" blog. ...see link. This after mostly nothing all summer.

"Brooklyn Hell!"

Clearly another sign that the End is near. Well that or just more weird weather. Okay it ain't the first snow, but ya has to work with what ya got.

(Drunken, rowdy young hoodlums enjoy massive Brooklyn hail storm.)

Actually now that I notice again this looks like a "Soap Suds Storm'. Given what's gone down around here so far such a thing would 'not' be a surprise.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"First Snow"

Snowshoe West Virginia just had the first snow of the East Coast 2010 fall/winter season. I'm a snow fan so this perks me up. There was snow in the Mountain States last week, but 'this one' is driving distance from the Emerald City,..aka New York.

So I'm hoping, despite that it was 72f today, I'm wishing for local snow! After all what with tornado's, and other new regional weather events thanks to planetary heating maybe we'll also get an early frost/snow.

It's been a few decades since we had an October snow here in town.

The earliest major event was a blizzard,..okay a semi-blizzard, the night before Thanksgiving Day in 1990. We had the Macy's Holiday giant balloon Parade anyway. Hey we're New Yorkers,..bleep the weather.

"Let it Snow!"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"President Santa"

President Santa or Father Christmas, etc. That's who I thought I was voting for. Well that or maybe President Batman. You gets the picture. The problem is he turned out to be just a guy. A good guy, and maybe the best Boss we've had in some decades, but not President Iron man.


We forgot that this 'is' a Republic, and that we were not electing an Emperor. I think the lot of us put all of our hopes, and dreams for a better world on Obama. I sure did. Thing is he was saying all along that he was only human, and there was a limited number things he could do if he was elected.

I know because thanks to Youtube I've been re-watching his speeches. In one he confided that we must be "patient". That it would take more than "one or even two terms" to correct, repair the damage. He said it could take "decades".

He said the "D" word.

Of course we were all so 'blissed' out in Obamamania we didn't hear it. After years of either inertia or outright villainy at the highest levels along comes this amazing person. So it was starry eyed love at first sight!

Though now we must face the grey morning after realities. We once again must go neck deep into the trench warfare of slow politics. Slugging it out with the entrenched minions of the "Wall Street Oligarch of Atomic Plunderers!"

('...make a weird t-shirt.)

Not exactly the joyous entry of the generations delayed Age of Aquarius. Still as my comrades remind me both here, and in "real" life, "'s better than nothing."

Not saying he's nothing it's just that we wanted 'so much' right away.

This country had been in the hands of men that had only their own self interest, and that of their class at heart.

So we expected 'immediate' miracles once they were sent packing.

Obama being elected, and the rejoicing both here, and around the world was historic. I can remember no election night with the kind of celebrations as greeted Mr. Obama.

It was new years eve from coast to coast, and around the world I vividly remember fire works, and ships in the harbor blowing their horns. People in the street celebrating even in my, then temporary, otherwise quiet 'hood.

(I left homelessness on the day Obama took office, a swell omen I thought then.)

That night, *(election night,..apparently now forgotten), was a once in a lifetime event. Like Woodstock or the Moon Landing,..and Yeah We Went to the Bleeping Moon fer Christ's sakes!!

*(America is a nation without a long term Memory.)

So given all that we expected the Golden Age to start the next morning,...we're still waiting. Perhaps it's time to get realistic again. This is a 'long term' process like everything else in the political world.

I guess all I can say is we have to keep the faith.

Keep the faith, and work like hell to prevent the darkness from descending on us again.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, October 4, 2010

"The Worst Candy In History"

Not since "New Coke" has the junk food empire got it so wrong. The pretzel M&M's taste, and look, on the inside, like sawdust candy. Some comrades, and I had the misfortune of consuming this crap.

One is left with the dry taste of powdered wood chips, industrial glue, unconvincing flavorings, and a minor headache after eating this swell stuff.

The mafia vending machine company stuffed our junk food dispenser with tons of this roach motel fodder. That along with various brands of embalmed cookies.

Alright this mutation won't kill ya, probably, but it sure ain't the refreshing sugar rush you were looking for.

It's projected to be among the 10 'worst' Halloween candies for 2010. (...not counting the traditional apples embedded with razor sharp metal bits, candied meats, and Canadian pennies.)

These maniacs must have made billions of metric tons of this awful stuff, and intend to unload the lot on an unsuspecting public.

Beware you out in the world,'s coming. Be afraid, be very afraid.

(Even their cute official spokes-digitoons have doubts about this evil marriage of unlikely ingredients.)

...I blame Obama.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Heck of a Day"

That did it! Time to get out'a Dodge!

(Click to enlarge.)