Thursday, October 7, 2010

"First Snow"

Snowshoe West Virginia just had the first snow of the East Coast 2010 fall/winter season. I'm a snow fan so this perks me up. There was snow in the Mountain States last week, but 'this one' is driving distance from the Emerald City,..aka New York.

So I'm hoping, despite that it was 72f today, I'm wishing for local snow! After all what with tornado's, and other new regional weather events thanks to planetary heating maybe we'll also get an early frost/snow.

It's been a few decades since we had an October snow here in town.

The earliest major event was a blizzard,..okay a semi-blizzard, the night before Thanksgiving Day in 1990. We had the Macy's Holiday giant balloon Parade anyway. Hey we're New Yorkers,..bleep the weather.

"Let it Snow!"

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