Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Greenhouse Earth"


Zaek said...

Penthouse rents will still be sky high.

Sion said...

But in-house pools will be as cheap as water.

There's always a bright side...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My dear pal Nurse Pickles, and I have a plan for all this. We're going to set up A Dingy, and Raft supply store on the 10th floor of a nearby building.

Yeah we calculate the the 9th or tenth floor ought to be the new sea level in a few years.

We figure once the water starts to rise we'll be able to buy the place for three cans of beans, and a box of cracker,..unsalted.

(I've already put these aside, as well as 20 cartons of smokes,...worth their weight in heroin soon!)

Well set up, and sell buoyant objects to the panicked, and unprepared masses.

We'll also have assort National Guard hardware in case our clients get out of control,..the prospect of immanent drowning does that to folks.

So what can we fix you up with?

I'd say a slightly used 18 wheeler inner tube would fit you just right. sorry no cash or cards. 'can't eat Euro's neither. Gold is fine, silver too. Got any major organs ya wanna sell?

Yep business in the early 2020's. Ya better get ready now!

Zaek said...

You're right about the cartons of smokes.