Friday, October 29, 2010

"Time Travel",...Video Restored

"1928 Cell Phone"

Okay here's some footage from a 1928 Charlie Chaplain film. Seems even then there were dvd extras. This scene is from a short promotional about the grand opening of "Charlie Chaplin at the Circus".

If you look carefully you'll see a lady in the crowd passing by talking into what looks like a Mobile, or Cell Phone.

I always thought this was how we'd confirm there was temporal travel going on. Some little pieces of out of place stuff would turn up in some fragment of early media.

Naturally everybody is tearing it down saying it's everything from photo-shop to an early prototype hearing aid. ...maybe, but I like the time travel angle better.

In times of social chaos this kind of thing always shows up. Sort of like the UFO mania during the Cold War.

'Course this don't mean that time travelers, and the saucer guys ain't hanging around. It's just that these times make us 'look' for them. Since all this cultural mayhem can't be happening on it's own. 'Somebody' has to be behind it all.

So It was 'space aliens' that wanted us to a-bomb ourselves, and 'time travels' that shot the Kennedy's, and put the kibosh on the Age of Aquarius. ...maybe

Happy Halloween.


Mike S said...

So, of course the video was removed for being "against community guidelines," whatever that means.

Uncle 2012 said...

Fuck youtube.

Hummm, maybe this isn't their usual butt-holery.

Maybe they're part of the conspiracy of secret time travels, and want to suppress this fragment of evidence.