Monday, June 29, 2009

"Boiled Ham"

Hi gang. A note to the Queer perverts that reads my Gay pages. Note that I've set up a new page,..."Boiled Ham".

Please bookmark the blog. You're welcome to go there to read my deranged pervert thoughts, and see my scary naked Angels.

Seems my other Queer pages piss's off various servers so they've blocked it from alot of my readers,..bleep'em. They tear down one page I set up another.

Life in War Time.

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"My Bedroom Window"

It just occurred to me that my bedroom window or what's floating past it has become a major player in this blog. Also that I very rarely post pictures of people,..any people here.

It's mostly dolls, clouds, toys, and or my floor.

Humm, maybe as a project I'll go out from time to time, and take snaps of interesting, and cute people on Earth.

What'da ya think?

Also I need a new camera. The low-end Sony I've been using for the past few years is getting cranky. It's been with me through the trenches, and deserves a nice retirement.

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Sun Shower"

Today we had a sun shower! 'Haven't seen one in some time. That, and a rainbow afterward. We used to get these all the time in summers past.

Well imagine my surprise as I was setting up my fire escape garden,...window boxes actually. When the sky opens up!

No warning just blam!

It's good for the flowers though. I had some of my 2nd childhood items out there with me. As you can see below they got drenched too.

(Click on them to see the interesting "beading" effect from the rain.)


"Red Sky in Morning..."

"Red Sky in Morning, Sailor Take Warning!"

Wow! I look out'a my window, and see all this,..good grief! Is it me or has the sky been going especially nuts lately. Maybe it's the build up to the end of the world in 2012.

Btw that's a real break for Wbai since that's when our current lease runs out. What with the world getting swallowed by a giant squid that year. The dreaded "2012!"

What with the ultimate doom befalling the lot of us we won't have to go through all the hassle of finding, and buying new digs.

I hope.

(Click on the photos. Up close these look like some of the cloud bans of Jupiter. Ummm, did I fall asleep, and wake up on a moon of Jupiter,..again?)

( with the sound off, cheesy music. Jupiter is Seriously Cool!)


WBAI radio, (,would be doing an amazing public service by exposing Slavery in present day NYC.

Many Chinese, Mexicans, Central, and South Americans are held in servitude by various gangs. They'll be held till they pay off these guys for getting them into the country.

However with the $interest$ added to the original price of admission to this "land of the free" they'll never are able to make the pay off.

In other words they're Slaves.

If they try to run away they or a family member here or in the old country is killed.

...this happens.

Btw 'you' see Slaves everyday here in town.

They're some of the guys selling batteries, bootleg cd's, and dvd's, and assorted crap on the streets, and subway. Many others work in sweatshops all over the city.

One of these slave pens was "discovered", 'guess the gangs didn't pay the cops enough that week. Anyway a slave enclosure was "found" in Queens two summers ago.

The news story came, and went. No newspaper or broadcast stations followed up on the other slave pens. I mean after all they're all illegals so who cares.

...wbai should care.

I've advocated doing this scary story the Boss's for years.

So far no dice.

'Mind you this operation would take Brass Balls because we'd be going up against Stone Cold Killers, and assorted corrupt cops.

Any takers?

Count 'me' in. There's a sweatshop around the corner from me.

(...btw, that's the WBAI sweatshirt up there. I did the art. Cool huh.)

Friday, June 26, 2009

"Michael Jackson, 1958~2009"

"The King is Dead"

I can't now say,..."Long Live the King", because there's no clear successor. I may be the last to learn of King Jackson's passing. I don't watch tv or listen to radio.

Still I am sad for this, and will miss him. He was more than merely unique. He did what few others would even attempt, and he was mad. Thank the G-ddess.

So here's to our tortured, mad King!

May he find Joy in Eternity.

"A Sunny Day!"

Mind you I only got to enjoy the late afternoon. Eh,...see I tried this experiment with my meds, and some,..other stuff last night. I don't know if it was fun or not 'cause I fell asleep, and missed it.

Anyway it was bright'n sunny when I came too. Who Knew! The forecast said storms, wind, and rain. I went out, and sat in the park till sundown. As it happens it's supposed to rain till next tuesday.

Wish I still had a lawn. My flowers would have loved all this.

"This Guys is Piss'n Me Off"

Hey it's been months now, and he hasn't fixed everything yet! What gives?!! Why the hell did I vote for this useless jerk. He said he'd fix all the fucked up shit in the world!

Well my kitchen sink still leaks, there's nothing on tv, it won't stop raining, and everything is still too expensive. I'm gonna sue!


Above is Mercy one of my dear Hippie Artist pals. Sorry for all the backround noise. We were hanging out in the reception space of radio WBAI. That place that despite everything 'still' insists on employing me.

Funny thing, radio stations are amazingly loud places. The really funny thing is that tv stations are louder. Go figure.

Anyway It's good to have pals.

The 'Good' news is that we just raised nearly a $1,000,000. bucks in our spring fund raiser. This after nearly four straight years of failure.

Them folks from the "Head Office" came out from the "Coast", and fired the incompetents. That, and the assorted pro-Jihadist far lefties, and black race nationalist bigots that destroyed our reputation, and drove away our base audience.

As soon as these comrades got booted the dough started coming in again. This was a no-brainer, but hard to do. Them goons were solidly entrenched.

Nothing worse than a family fight.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"...wish I could have a Cat"

"...all through the night"

My sleep is bad. Nightmares, and surreal madness every time. Either I can't sleep or I sleep for 12 hours at a time. Many flash backs, and nightmares about care giving for various family over the years.

Sickness, madness, despair again, and again.

Sometimes I'm in my childhood home, sometimes other places. However the situation is always the same. Sickness, and death of loved ones. Yep this is text book post traumatic stress stuff. So,...what to do.


Just ride the rapids, and get to the other side. Anyway while laying in bed I take snapshots of the passing clouds, and my various toys. I do this to help me retain what sanity I still have.

No big deal in a world where more than a Billion people don't have fresh water. My 'only' problem is to recover from a brief time on the streets homeless, and the loss of family. Ya know, I really hate this shit.

It's my blog, and I'll whine if I want too.

"Endless Grey"

It's been overcast, and or raining since late April. Swell, and here we are on the verge of July, and no change. The above is the sky from my bedroom window. Mind you I rather this than 90f, and humid which we usually get this time of year.

Still it would be nice to see blue skies, and feel dry winds once or twice before winter comes back. Btw I just had a look at the forecast for the next week or so. Yeah storms, thunder, and grey.

On the up side the upstate reservoirs are full. Of what who knows, but they're full.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"My 2nd Childishness"

Sometimes I watch myself in the third person. It's like a halfway out of body thing, a way. You know how it is. I'm sure most of you have done it.

Anyway I watch as I revert to a child's simple fascination with bright, and tiny things.

I'm beginning to think that all of our high'n mighty concepts, and postures are really the bullshit we quietly suspected it is. That's what's really important are the smallest, and simplest things in our lives.

Hence my love of the quiet, and tiny.

(The above are some images from a little story I never finished. It concerned my table top horsies buying a used V.W. Yes silly, but that's the beauty of it.)


My heavens! I had no idea that I'd been dead that long! Anyway here's a racist cartoon from a 100 years ago that'll explain everything.

Btw, you may notice this relic has an interesting similarity to the "Indiana Jones" movies,..kind'a.

Friday, June 19, 2009

"The Last American in Brooklyn"

Well it sure feels that way sometimes. Mind you I'm all for the Cosmopolitan way. It's just I miss hearing standard English sometimes.

I was walking along in my native town when I realized I hadn't heard my own language in I dunno when. Oh sure any number of dialects from the universe of languages. Just not mine.

I'm not being xenophobic,...I think. I'm just homesick for the United States of America is all. I'm feeling what an expat might sense after a while. That otherness thing. However I'm feeling it perhaps a mile from where I grew up.

I hear that Berlin, Hamburg, London, and a few other Cosmo capitals are much the same. The native cultures have disappeared into the mix.

I suppose this sort of thing explains them New Jersey bigots back in the 90's. Them nazi shits that Paki bashed or used to till they were eventually out numbered by Pakis, Indians, the Chinese, and Mexicans.

I guess I'm a bigot too.

Only a nicer bigot. I'd never hassle anyone. I like folks. Well,, I do kind'a put up a bit of a fight for the flag in my own way.

In my apartment building there's alot of music. Mexican, Haitian, and some stuff I can't figure,...Romanian?

Anyway lately when I'm being bombarded by Mexican rock or Romanian hip hop I blast back with Hendrix, and the Beatles. Would that 'all' ethnic wars were thus fought.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Bleeding Queers"

It seems my Queer page has been put to sleep by either a hacker or Blogspot. Either way it's gone. It was fun doing it. It lasted about three years. Much longer than any of my other Gay pages.

Anyhow I have a "Lifeboat" page for my Queer stuff. "Royal Republic",...see link. I'll be posting stuff from time to time there.

Stay tuned.

"My Movie"

If I ever make a movie one of the sets 'will' look much like this.

"Comfort Zone"

This may be getting out of hand. I was out shopping for stuff for my new digs. The usual kitchen crap, bathroom junk, my meds,...and an expensive model fire engine.

What the hell is the matter with me. I'm 400 years old what the hell am I doing in the toy section. I mean shouldn't I be out pricing nursing homes or caskets. Well actually in my case crematoria?

True enough I love the world of the small, and tiny. I prefer tiny to small, but will take small in a pinch.

Still I really ought to be more serious about all this,...shouldn't I?

Well hey, com'on. Some like a nice pipe at the end of the day. Other's a fine book. Yet others a good hit of China White into any functioning vein they can find.

For me,'s dolls, and fine scale models.

The more detailed the miniature the better. Oh sure back in the day I used to polish off an eightball or two of "diplomatic pouch" cocaine,...90%+ pure! The stuff looked like like diamonds!

Aw man it was ICE!

We had the same "connection" as certain famous rock group. Such a life I've led.

However like my former interest in sodomy that's all behind me now.

Anyhow I saw this swell replica of a 1938 fire pumper, and had to have it. If I'm ever homeless again I'll put it in my backpack. When I freeze to death in the woods perhaps they'll bury it with me.

Let some 60th century archaeologist figure it out.

(Click on the model, and see the details that seduced me!)

"Strange Skies"

I wake up, and from my bedroom window I see the Heavens in fire, and shadow. As if Angels, and Demons are in battle. Light, and Darkness having it it again!

I tell'ya comrades Brooklyn is alot of things, but one thing it ain't, dull.

Stay tuned.

"My Little Subway"

Above are the old R-26 "Red Birds". I grew up riding around beneath the Emerald City in these rattlers. The No.'s 4, and 6 lines which btw I still use.

These sweeties was the standard NYC Subway rolling stock from the middle 1950's till they were dumped off the east coast as artificial reefs in the 90's.

They were awful! Overcrowded, stinky, dangerous. People got shot'n stabbed on them death traps! It was 100f degrees in summer, -10f in winter, and you could never, I mean not ever get a seat.

My gawd I miss them!

New Yorkers are oddly sentimental about both people, and things that have tried to kill them. "Son of Sam", and the Subway system are examples.

Btw, it's seems to have been raining or overcast,..see "strange skies" above, since the end of April. We're coming up on July.

Da'fuck is go'n on?!

The Empire State Building, our largest surviving phallus, is here struck by lightning. Clearly the gawds is pissed about something.

Perhaps we should sacrifice some city officials. That usually does the trick.

Monday, June 15, 2009

"Fire, and Mist"

India Day, or rather night fire works as seen from our demented radio station.

"Paper Dolls"

Hi gang. I spent a pleasant early morning examining paper models, and paper dolls online with dear Nurse Pickles. You remember her. She's my pal that's trying to keep me alive.

Not an easy job.

(Btw that's Nurse Pickles, Royal Canadian Navy Reserve, in the red'n white polka-dot head band'n me in my new frilly summer gown.)

Anyway it's the sweet, silly, laughing moments that make this thrill ride worth it. One thing I noticed. We could identify various paper dolls of 1930's, through 60's starlets, but after that it was,..."right there's what's her name,..what's his name's girlfriend or ex-wife or something".

The 70's through 2000's drew a blank, at least for me. I can more easily spot Lana Turner than whoever the hell is hot today.

Stay Tuned.