Friday, June 26, 2009

"Michael Jackson, 1958~2009"


Bodmin said...

How prescient - his lines as the Scarecrow at the end of The Wiz: Success, fame, fortune, they're all illusions. Nothing matters but the love you have in your life.

Anonymous said...

Love is all we have. That, and the memory of it.

Btw, I checked the comments portion of the setting over on "RR".

It was okay for anyone to post a comment. However I reset it, and saved it again.

You should try to get through. Hopefully it'll be okay.

The only other thing I can think of is perhaps Holland is bocking portions of my blog.

Germany does.

Lino said...

Uncle, here are some rare tracks from the J-Five:

"Big Boy":

An -early- demo:

That must be from around '65-66

And from the album I bought in late 1969: "Can You Remember"

In '69 the J-5 made what I have been told was their first (pre-Apollo) appearance here in NYC at a large bar/restaurant on east 85th st. My Father knew the owner and apparently told him about my interest in theatrical lighting equipment and that I had been given a follow spot for Christmas 67. The bar owner asked if they could borrow it for the Jackson's show, so we lugged it over there and set it up at the rear between the doors (no booth of course).

I got the intstruent back two days later with an autographed pic of the group and it took a week before the "eau d' tavern" aroma departed it.:-)


Uncle 2012 said...

Wow, talk about six degrees of separation.

You gave the lighting equipment for the J-5 at the beginning.

You were on the "Ground Floor" w/MJ!

R K W said...

The legend lives on . . .