Monday, June 15, 2009

"Paper Dolls"

Hi gang. I spent a pleasant early morning examining paper models, and paper dolls online with dear Nurse Pickles. You remember her. She's my pal that's trying to keep me alive.

Not an easy job.

(Btw that's Nurse Pickles, Royal Canadian Navy Reserve, in the red'n white polka-dot head band'n me in my new frilly summer gown.)

Anyway it's the sweet, silly, laughing moments that make this thrill ride worth it. One thing I noticed. We could identify various paper dolls of 1930's, through 60's starlets, but after that it was,..."right there's what's her name,..what's his name's girlfriend or ex-wife or something".

The 70's through 2000's drew a blank, at least for me. I can more easily spot Lana Turner than whoever the hell is hot today.

Stay Tuned.


R K W said...

Very charming!

Zaek said...

I think it would be fun to make our own paper dolls of boy angels, boy sluts, boy faeries, boy pop stars, etc. We can make stick-on costumes for them, from faerie wings to miniskirts and g-strings. Just think of the publishing possibilities!

Anonymous said...

When I was a little kid, Ihad a big collection of paper dolls. There was one from a popular magazine that my mother always saved for me. I had a pretty good collection of Betsy McCall and her clothes.

That lasted until some of the kids at school heard I collected paper dolls, and became the "class fairy" of Holy Rosary Elementary School.

I switched to marbles, army men, books, coins, plastic models and stamps, all of which brought down less heat. I still collect stamps and books, and was an avid collector of BOYS before the state of Cow Hampshire brought an end to that.

Never stop collecting Sidney. It keeps you from going crazy.

Mr. Chips

Uncle 2012 said...

As for going Krazy,...too late.

However I'll continue to collect. I have an empty house to fill with 'new' worthless crap.

Crap that'll be priceless to me!