Thursday, June 18, 2009

"My Little Subway"

Above are the old R-26 "Red Birds". I grew up riding around beneath the Emerald City in these rattlers. The No.'s 4, and 6 lines which btw I still use.

These sweeties was the standard NYC Subway rolling stock from the middle 1950's till they were dumped off the east coast as artificial reefs in the 90's.

They were awful! Overcrowded, stinky, dangerous. People got shot'n stabbed on them death traps! It was 100f degrees in summer, -10f in winter, and you could never, I mean not ever get a seat.

My gawd I miss them!

New Yorkers are oddly sentimental about both people, and things that have tried to kill them. "Son of Sam", and the Subway system are examples.

Btw, it's seems to have been raining or overcast,..see "strange skies" above, since the end of April. We're coming up on July.

Da'fuck is go'n on?!

The Empire State Building, our largest surviving phallus, is here struck by lightning. Clearly the gawds is pissed about something.

Perhaps we should sacrifice some city officials. That usually does the trick.

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