Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Comfort Zone"

This may be getting out of hand. I was out shopping for stuff for my new digs. The usual kitchen crap, bathroom junk, my meds,...and an expensive model fire engine.

What the hell is the matter with me. I'm 400 years old what the hell am I doing in the toy section. I mean shouldn't I be out pricing nursing homes or caskets. Well actually in my case crematoria?

True enough I love the world of the small, and tiny. I prefer tiny to small, but will take small in a pinch.

Still I really ought to be more serious about all this,...shouldn't I?

Well hey, com'on. Some like a nice pipe at the end of the day. Other's a fine book. Yet others a good hit of China White into any functioning vein they can find.

For me,'s dolls, and fine scale models.

The more detailed the miniature the better. Oh sure back in the day I used to polish off an eightball or two of "diplomatic pouch" cocaine,...90%+ pure! The stuff looked like like diamonds!

Aw man it was ICE!

We had the same "connection" as certain famous rock group. Such a life I've led.

However like my former interest in sodomy that's all behind me now.

Anyhow I saw this swell replica of a 1938 fire pumper, and had to have it. If I'm ever homeless again I'll put it in my backpack. When I freeze to death in the woods perhaps they'll bury it with me.

Let some 60th century archaeologist figure it out.

(Click on the model, and see the details that seduced me!)


Anonymous said...

Hi, sid your fire truck looks great! the older you get the more of a kid you become just enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

"Still I really ought to be more serious about all this,...shouldn't I?"



Zaek said...

Nice detail. The silvery dimpled texture of the running board and the toolbox lid is especially tasty.