Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Passage to Heaven"

This is my latest find in my search for passages to Heaven. Passages, and assorted doorways to hell are common enough. Have a gander at the link to the lower realms on the right there.

(...look for "Entrances to Hell")

There's plenty of doorway to Hell sites. Oddly there's no site that I've ever seen devoted to the various openings to the Light. So from time to time I post a snapshot of these as I find them.

The above is just off Fulton Street in lower Manhattan. As you can see some are taking advantage of this sudden opening, and are crossing over.

I decided to stay,...I ain't through causing trouble, and complaining yet.

The snapshot below the Fulton opening was in Tribeca,...that one, not as glowing as the new one, stayed for about four days, and moved on.

See my post here from January 22 or was it the 25th? Anyway there's more details, and more pictures.

The thing about them heavenly portholes is that they move, clouds. Whereas the hellholes stay put for centuries at a time.

The Devil is funny that way.

As I say the Heavenly portals open, and close quickly so I'm always on the alert. I'll keep you posted about these things as they crop up.

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"My Dollies"

My wee dollies, all four,, no wait,...six! Right there's six of the little sweethearts. Used to be alot more, but life goes on. Forgive my recent obsession with them, but I loves'em.

"Hollywood Hostess Barbie, and the 50th anniversary replica original Barbie are my new pals. Com'on how could I resist an original or replicated "original" Barbie.

(..see above)

Yeah I know they're plastic, and made by non-union workers in China, but I still love'em, and that's that.

Anyway I'll have to leave it at this because most of my dough will now be going to making my new home cute, and paying NYC style rent. This means I can choose between food or dolls.

This is the toughest choice I've ever faced in my life!

Eh, yes I know the world economy is in collapse, genocides continue unabated, our local water table is full of lead, mercury, and radioactive contaminates, and the Bush government remains unindicted.

...but gimme a break I'm talk'n Barbies here!

Stay Tuned.


Well gang it looks like my Harry Potter doll has drifted to the "land of the lost". (..see our pal Draco, above, consoling Hermione over her loss. Nice bedside manner there comrad. I'm sure ol' Harry'd appreciate what you're doing,...ahem.)

Anyway you radio historians will know of that swell 1940's radio program "The Land of the Lost". That realm where all of the lost items of our childhood go.

The skate key that vanished. The windup duck that wandered off. The tin toy steamship that sailed away. All are in the land of the lost. Now my dear Harry is there too.

He's there in that magical land along with all of my other treasures which were lost in my sudden dispossession.

It's okay. I know Harry, and my former "stuff" are happy with all the world's lost treasures.

As a pal just said to me, "...don't be sad. Now you can fill your new home up with tons of 'new' junk!"

Wow that's right!

Stay Tuned.

"Hermione's Hair"

Friday, February 20, 2009

"Better Humor!"

Here's the deal,...I sign the lease on monday. My adventures in the realms of the dispossessed are somewhat over. Now comes the problem of choosing the right curtains.

Good grief, talk about anti-climax,..I think. This has all happened so quickly. Boom, bam thank you sam! Anyway the sanding of floors, the installing of fixtures, plastering, painting, and hacking is my job for the next couple'a month.

I'm going to be calling in all those pledges from assorted pals to fix my new digs up. Did I mention as promised I'm painting my door a cute shade of blue? Well that, and I'm designing a nice "Sydneyhause" sign/plaque to put on the front of my door.

Thanks to all for the love, and support through this deranged nightmare!

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Barbie Heads I"

"Barbie Heads II"

"Barbie Heads III"

Yeah so I likes dolls,..wanna make somethin' of it?! Alright, alright lets chill. Look I'm in a strange head just now. I'm decompressing from alot of awful shit. 'Least I think that's it.

S'weird, I mean I'm hyper, depressed, and numb all at the same time. Just as things are getting better, and it seems I may get my life back I'm becoming apathetic, hopeless, and intermittently angry.

The anger is only for moments at a time, but it's unfocused, ferocious, primal. That, and an overall weariness. I don't think this is one of those things that you just brush ya self off from, and walk on.

Strictly speaking this whole shebang lasted over three years. From my being the primary caregiver for my cousin after her stroke, and fall into total dementia. That, her eventual death which I was never able to mourn because I was thrown on to the street by family.

The months of wandering in hell. The humiliations, despair confusion, and eventual blank daze that I lived in. All this followed by my surreal rescue.

I literally went from sleeping in an alley one night to being put into a four star hotel the next. The one across the street for the Waldorf. This really happened, still happening.

(I read what I just wrote with a sense of disbelief, but it happened. 'And when it happened it seemed the most natural thing to do. That alley as well various doorways with which I became intimate were relatively safe, and dry.)

Actually I didn't sleep.

One doesn't sleep out there. You nod or doze for a few minutes, maybe a half hour at a time. It's just too dangerous to really sleep. Also it's suicide to lay down. One stoops or is in a crouch. Some stand. Fortunately I was not in the "life" long enough to learned that trick.)

Anyway as for my "rescue" the 'good' part of my family was looking for me,..found me, and stuffed me into them upscale digs. It was very like being plucked out of a North Korean prison camp, and dumped into Disneyland,...with room service.

It was too much too soon. I was throughly freaked out, and wandered away. I was relocated by concerned parties, and 'this' time put into more humble, but tidy, and safe digs. That's pretty much where I am now. The Chinatown/Brooklyn Bridge 'hood.

Yeah there are other's that would take all this, and be happy as clams on uncut "China White". No questions asked just gimme more!

Me, well I got issues. Pride'n all that. Also I'm nuts, and the streets have made me a tad more so. I still haven't talked all this out yet. Also I'm still not used to sleeping in a bed.

Laying down without fear is something I have to learn all over again. Hot showers on the other hand I took to right away. That's the one thing I really missed.


Bodily hygiene is actually the first, and most important step in a culture's transition from barbarism to civilization.

Not stinking matters.

I now take several very hot showers a day. It may seem like a mania, an emotional obsession to some, but not to me. Not for now. It may take years to wash the street from my body, and soul.

No problem,..rubba, dub, dub!!

Thanks for putting up with all this. Btw I may be signing the lease on my 'real' new digs within the week. Therein will begin yet another adventure!

Oh, but back to Barbie. She keeps me if not sane at least somewhat coherent.

Stay Tuned.

(Please click on these snapshots of my dear dollies for the full plastic effect!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I was laying about the other morning trying to find my sanity,..again. Gee it's gott'a be around here somewhere. Sort of like Peter Pan's shadow. Anyway I was staring at the wall when a spark of creativity stuck.

Usually I just turn on the tv till that sort of thing passes, but in this case I had some tools at hand. My beat up old digital camera, and my sole surviving Barbie doll.

The rest is doll spread shot history.

"...that's it, that's it!"

"Work with me,...turn the head, flip the hair!"

"...the eyes, the eyes, gimme the eyes!"

"That's what they want,...that's the money shot!"

"...dammit we're losing the light!"

(Wow, on these snapshots to enlarge to Doll "Beautiful" fullness! Gee this turned out pretty good. Maybe I use be doing doll photo spreads instead of annoying
the the Universe.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Draco I"

"Draco II"

Draco Malfoy visited the temporary Sydneyhause in the historic Brooklyn Bridge 'hood. Such a well mannered lad. He commented on the tidiness of my tiny, but comfy digs. Also he was fascinated, by my view of the Navy Yard sludge vats.

That's him above being very polite not to comment on the smell. ..the sludge ya know. Sadly Harry is still missing in action. We had a moment of silence, and then ate Ringdings in dear Harry's honor.

I'm very hopeful that our missing hero will turn up one day.

Stay tuned.

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Hermione l"

Hazarr! I've found a box with some of my dolls intact! Some of my Japanese dolls, my Harry Potter sweeties, and two Barbies!. Thank the G-ddess! I was sure they all were gone.

So much was lost at my former home, and things were lost where I was storing what was left. Yesterday I found two box's of my stuff, and one had some my carefully wrapped dolls in it.

I took them to my current digs, and snapped some pixs of them. Here are some of Hermione. Maybe tomorrow I'll take some of Draco. Harry is still missing in action, but I have hope he'll yet turn up.

Stay Tuned!

"Hermione II"