Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Hells Angel"

I was in my warm comfy bed this morning playing with my toys. There's my lone "Hell's Angel" Brit SE-5 above flying over my pillows!

I was enchanting myself with this, and what little else survived my dispossession. That, and my eventual wanderings on the streets of the Emerald City. Actually that's something I must repair when I'm more emotionally secure.

That is rebuild my former cute toy, and doll collection.

A few items were heroically saved. However most was lost. Ultimately my collections were deposited into various mafia run landfills.

Urban landfills, the potters fields of our everyday utensils.

There interred are so many of my former possessions. Among them my dolls of carved wood, stone, and common, though all but eternal plastic. My former companions will sleep through the centuries in these places.

There they'll wait with all of the other relics of our time for future archaeologists to discover.

They'll be unearthed, mislabeled, and misdescribed thereby earning tenureship for generations of academics.

An interesting destiny for Malibu Barbie.


Zaek said...

I should get some toys. I remember a toy zeppelin I saw once hanging from the ceiling at a place called The Nut Tree, on the way to Tahoe. I longed for it. That was more than forty years ago. Guess I should've got it. It would make me feel good to play with that kind of gizmo in bed in the morning.

Zaek said...

I wonder if that zeppelin underwent the same fate as your Malibu Barbie? Sorta like the Blue Fairy in AI.