Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Flying Dreams"

Above is an "SE-5" sole survivor, as far as I know, from my once vast scale model airdrome. Dispossession is a son'of'a'gun! Mind you I don't miss 98% of my former junk,...but that other 2%.

Aw well.

Speaking of a new life. Everybody is suggesting that I take a trip. Points from San Diego to Paris have been suggested.

The common theme is that it all involves getting on an aircraft of one sort or another.

So I was thinking of the most unusual sort of plane that I could use. Apparently one can fly on commercial freight fights. Also military cargo spaces are available for family of service folks.

Then there all those weird package deals on no-brand carriers. I'd be flying in aged though still 'somewhat' air worthy wrecks.

Humm, be nice to see an old Locheed Martin Constellation again. A real beauty! I remember these giant things flying over my childhood home on their way to Idyllwild before they renamed it JFK.

I'd be in the backyard playing, and there they'd come filling the sky!

Eh, see thing is I actually want to get across the pond. This as opposed to being fish food along the way.


Bleep it, I'll just take "Icelandic" like all the other desperate ex-middle class people.

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