Monday, February 2, 2009

"Reality Check"

I need to hide, and heal. ..and that's that. I've been making this thing a joke so I could keep relatively sane, but now it's all catching up with me for real.

So I'll see you on the other side.

...good night for now.


garbled said...

you just stay onside 'cos you're needed HERE and NOW - martyrs are NO FUCKING USE ! (sorry for shoutin' but you need to hear it; much love, message is garbled x)

garbled said...

now that i've successfully vented my spleen, please let me offer some slightly better advice: health tourism !

find some dollars for airfare, and get yourself to 'the other side' of the pond; collapse on our streets and here you'll find our NHS taking you in hand: no fees, no medicaid (is that what you yanks call it?), you'll get care and it'll cost you nuttin' courtesy of the British tax-payer.
When soup and prayers run out, we'll still be here ('cos we can't be over there) !
message is garbled x

Cannibal said...

Yes I concur, Martyrdom only workes for zealots. Well here's a thought. I might myself reach medical salvation in one of Her Majesty's royal hospitals if only I could survive the trans-Atlantic flight. With the condition of my vascular system I might expire at a high altitude.

Fida said...

Hey, you just moved into your own house and you are already tired of it! Common now, Honey, get your butt off the couch and get a cheesecake. It has healing ingredients, ya know! Remember what you wrote just a few days ago:

“These daze when I want to push the envelope I go over to *Juniors in Brooklyn, and picks up one of them swell cheese cakes!

Man that's heaven!”

Or hop over the pond or grab a coat and hitchhike north!