Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I was laying about the other morning trying to find my sanity,..again. Gee it's gott'a be around here somewhere. Sort of like Peter Pan's shadow. Anyway I was staring at the wall when a spark of creativity stuck.

Usually I just turn on the tv till that sort of thing passes, but in this case I had some tools at hand. My beat up old digital camera, and my sole surviving Barbie doll.

The rest is doll spread shot history.

"...that's it, that's it!"

"Work with me,...turn the head, flip the hair!"

"...the eyes, the eyes, gimme the eyes!"

"That's what they want,...that's the money shot!"

"...dammit we're losing the light!"

(Wow,...click on these snapshots to enlarge to Doll "Beautiful" fullness! Gee this turned out pretty good. Maybe I use be doing doll photo spreads instead of annoying
the the Universe.)


Uncle Sidney said...

Okay I'm into dolls right now. Cut me some slack.

It's my way of slowly working my way back to dealing with people.

It's just that like cats dolls are both affectionate, 'and' independent.

Fida said...

You are darn funny!

Take care of your cuties. I bet they have great inside stories to tell.

Happy Valentines Day, Uncle Syd!

Cannibal said...

I swear, this girl's been hitting the Botox. No way can a 50-year old light it up like that