Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well gang it looks like my Harry Potter doll has drifted to the "land of the lost". (..see our pal Draco, above, consoling Hermione over her loss. Nice bedside manner there comrad. I'm sure ol' Harry'd appreciate what you're doing,...ahem.)

Anyway you radio historians will know of that swell 1940's radio program "The Land of the Lost". That realm where all of the lost items of our childhood go.

The skate key that vanished. The windup duck that wandered off. The tin toy steamship that sailed away. All are in the land of the lost. Now my dear Harry is there too.

He's there in that magical land along with all of my other treasures which were lost in my sudden dispossession.

It's okay. I know Harry, and my former "stuff" are happy with all the world's lost treasures.

As a pal just said to me, "...don't be sad. Now you can fill your new home up with tons of 'new' junk!"

Wow that's right!

Stay Tuned.


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