Saturday, February 21, 2009

"My Dollies"

My wee dollies, all four,, no wait,...six! Right there's six of the little sweethearts. Used to be alot more, but life goes on. Forgive my recent obsession with them, but I loves'em.

"Hollywood Hostess Barbie, and the 50th anniversary replica original Barbie are my new pals. Com'on how could I resist an original or replicated "original" Barbie.

(..see above)

Yeah I know they're plastic, and made by non-union workers in China, but I still love'em, and that's that.

Anyway I'll have to leave it at this because most of my dough will now be going to making my new home cute, and paying NYC style rent. This means I can choose between food or dolls.

This is the toughest choice I've ever faced in my life!

Eh, yes I know the world economy is in collapse, genocides continue unabated, our local water table is full of lead, mercury, and radioactive contaminates, and the Bush government remains unindicted.

...but gimme a break I'm talk'n Barbies here!

Stay Tuned.

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