Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Leaping the Pond!"

Getting off my fat butt,..."Leaping over the Great Pond while eating Cheese Cake!"

It's like an image from a Monty Python film.

Okay, okay!

I hears ya. Heavens sakes I just wanted to curl into a ball, and hibernate for a few years.

'But okay I'm awake.

Aw gee did I tell you that my bathroom has one of them high pressure water pick things?

I ain't been 'this' clean since my grandma used to scrub the hell out me in the tub when I was a kiddie.

She used something called a "Pumice Stone". Basically a grey rock that flays your flesh off.

"Wasn't it fun in the bath tonight"

Said Christopher Robin.

Clearly the little Queer never ran into my granny!

...course I means "queer" in a sweet way.

Anyway as for the suggestion of a mental health trip. Well my sister suggested Disney World in Orlando.

She's been down there several times on business, she's a contract assassin for various corporations, and governments.

It's a living.

Anyway she wants to send me down there to cheer me up so maybe I'll go.

Actually I'd like to go to Amsterdam. I have an old pal out that way.

Might be nice to visit a civilized country for a change. I've never been across the big pond. Humm, 'guess this is as good a time as any.

In spring perhaps.


"Oh the romance of the skies!"

Stay tuned!


Fida said...

Glad we got you off the couch, coz that was a real fun read. It's amazing how you can come up with so many subjects in one little post. Hilarious!

When is your book due?

Uncle Sidney said...

Oh the book, that book!

I think I'll have done the play long before the book is done. Actually the book project is a tad intimidating to me.

I'm much more comfortable performing than writing or "officially" writing.

Clearly I love posting, but a book is like a final exam in my mind.

This is odd since most would probably prefer slowly climbing into a freshly sharpened wood chipper.

Would rather that than go on stage to face hoards of either blank or outright hostile faces daring you to entertain them.

'But to me, piece'a cake.

'Writing for real, trauma ward.

Anyway glad ya likes my stuff. Btw, I haven't forgotten that UFO abduction story.


Zaek said...

Only you can make the choice of destination. Though I will say that Amsterdam's a wonderful town, or was when I visited there long ago. The people were friendly, the place is civilized, and it helps that English is widely spoken. I believe you can still visit a pot bar there and consume the wares quite legally.

It even used to be fairly friendly to BLers, though sadly that's changed over the years. Perhaps some vestige of the old liberalism still lingers in unregarded corners.

Fida's right. These blogs are like your personal broadcast station. Not many people could juggle so many balls, nor keep the subjects freshly coming.

Zaek said...

Whoa! I couldn't believe they ever had biplanes that big when I saw the poster pic. But then the video popped up. Guess I don't know nuthin' 'bout no aviation history.