Friday, May 29, 2009

"Stumbling About Town"

Sorry everything looks so dark'n grey. It's been cloudy, and raining for weeks it seems. There was a break, and sun for a few hours, but then rain again.

Aw well April showers,, May storms bring,... hummm. The season are out of whack.

"Stuff on my Kitchen Table"

Monday, May 25, 2009

"It's my Party"

It's my party so I'll dream if I want to. Thing is I want Bjork to come to my house warming party. Whenever I'm stable enough to have it. I'd like Obama, and Walt Whitman to come too.

Though one is dead, and the other will probably be too busy. So I guess I'll have to make due with my assorted pals,..and Bjork.

Hummm, what do Icelanders eat?

(, I'll ask her to leave them damned bell outside.)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"I Love Chinatown"

Oh Chinatown. While I was home hunting it looked for a while that I would alight in dear old Chinatown. In a way it'd be like coming home for me as my grandma lived there. I used to hang around the 'hood all the time when I was a kid.

Granted it's congested, has gangs, smells like fish, and is too expensive. So what I still dig it.

As it is I still shop there, and eat there.

Luv's them dumplings. Great pastry shops to!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

"More Trains"

Hi gang. Recently one of my "lost" box's turned up. This one had some of my HO model trains wrapped inside. I thought these like so much of my former junk was in a 'Jersey land fill by now.

Anyhow most of them seem to work,...various adjustments, and oil generally needed.

Yeah this must seem silly to most just tuning in, but it's the little "silly" things that help us get by.

...and yeah the train with the face 'is' kind'a creepy. The eyes blink too.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"King George Common"

Actually for the last few centuries it's been known as "Bowling Green'. It's the oldest, and one of the smallest parks in the Emerald City. It's been a park since the Dutch ran things around here.

(Btw, they called it Bowling Green too.)

Anyway the park is rounded by an iron fence. The same fence that was there at the time of the revolt against the Crown.

Speaking of Crowns there used to be little pointy crowns all around the top of this relic fence. They were sawed off by the patriots. I guess they also hauled down the statue of the King on the same drunken night.

Legend sez that the slave holding bandits that pulled down the King, burnt loyalist homes, and vandalized the park. Also melted the little crowns, and the King's statue to make musket balls.

The lying, racist "history books" of my youth say that these hoodlums made zillions of them musket balls to blow away the Red Coats, and generally raise hell up'n down the Hudson Valley.

Well turns out,..this being New York, that all that valuable scrap metal was in fact stolen by gangsters, and then sold on the black market.

(...well no change there.)

These murderous "patriots" rather than facing the, seriously pissed off, British Army spent days sleeping off all the rum they stole from loyalist households.

When they woke up I presume they went back to raping women, lynching black people, and killing whatever Indians that were still around.

Oh the story of America.

Anyway old King George used to ride his iron horse where the fountain is now. If you sit near it long enough you can almost smell the booze on the breath of the founding looters.

(Click on snap shots two, and three, and you'll be about to see the famous iron fence in the backround.)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Big Creamy'n Sloppy!"


Maybe my meds are fucking up again. More like all that homeless shit is backing up on me again. Yeah all that happy shit has backed up.

I just want to be left alone.

I'm too figg'n old for all this excitment,..ya know.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Heaven on Earth"

G-d is not far away in some golden heaven, ruling some distant Paradise. G-d is here with us. Always has been. Always will be. Because G-d's Heaven is on Earth.

"Heaven on Earth"

G-d's on the subway, She's coming home from work. It's crowded she couldn't get a seat again. She has a headache, and her feet are killing her. G-d makes another mental note to do something about urban congestion, and stress.

She's been noticing this problem since "Ur", or was it Babylon? Anyway it was that time she was a snake charmer. Ah,..the carnivals, the music, the theatre. These are just about the best things humanity has come up with. It's among the reasons she loves them so much.

It's their "saving grace",...literally.

The train pulls into G-d's station. She has to struggle her way out of the crowded car. No one will get out of her way. Manners, and polite consideration still haven't caught on. At least not consistently. Still, they are learning, her children. They are trying. G-d joins the wave of tired people coming home from work or school or mischief, and they accend together out of the tunnel.

On her way home G-d does some lite shopping at Her favorite deli. She picks up a pint of vanilla ice cream,..with almonds. Some oranges, a box of mint tea. You know, the brand with all the nice pictures on 'em. Some bread sticks, and dried figs. All the major food groups.

G-d browse's Her way to the counter, and pays for the goods in Aztec jade, Roman silver, and Confederate bank notes. The Jamaican family that owns, and runs the deli are used to their 'special' customer paying in odd currencies.

The dreadlocked woman behind the register gives G-d her change in Barbados dollars, American dimes, and Australian pennies.

The two are friends, the clerk, and G-d.

So they stand awhile exchanging gossip, and other pleasantries which are cut short by the needs of the other customers. G-d adds a lotto ticket, and some chapstick to her purchase's.

Outside the deli G-d sees a homeless man begging for change.

G-d knows him, his name is Thomas. G-d remembered when he was conceived. She was there when he was born, and She's been with him ever since. Though Thomas doesn't remember it 'once upon a time' his name was Bartholomew, and he is an Angel.

One day he'll remember that, but for now G-d smiled at him, and put a silver shekle once earned by a certain Judean carpenter into his cup.

G-d blinked, and there was Light. G-d sang, and there was Life. G-d smiled, and there was Love.

The "Lord of Hosts" got to her building. She lived on the top floor of a six story walk up. G-d liked living up there because it was convenient to the roof. In summer, and spring if it wasn't raining she'd spread a blanket, and lay there.

She'd lay on her blanket, and watch Her sky, Her clouds, and at night Her moon, and Her stars. How she loved them, she did all Her children.

G-d quickly walked up the stairwell concerned that her ice cream might melt. As She went She passed through, and enjoyed the aroma's of the cooking of half a dozen ethnic groups. Her neighbors were preparing, and settling down for their evening meals.

The "Divine" enjoyed not only that, but the music the symphony of all their languages, and emotions. Well, G-d finally got to Her apartment,..6-B. She put Her key into her triple "Medico" lock, and entered.

Cain, and Able her Persian cats we're waiting for her, and meowing indignatly! It was well past their dinner time, and they were more than slightly annoyed.

Cain, and Able didn't care if She was G-d,..'they' were cats, and they were hungry.


The G-d of Abraham, the Lord of Ghandi, the Mother Creator of all that was is or will be was on the roof of Her apartment. She was sitting in a lawn chair,..listening. It was well past midnight, and it was snowing. The sharp winter winds blew around her.

G-d was looking out over the city, and listening to prayers. The "Lord Creator" listened to prayers the way people listened to the radio. The music of souls was in the air. The sky was bathed in prayer. They danced over the city like bright aurora's.

G-d watched, and listened. She listened to each, and every one.


The "Lord of Creation" was on a downtown bus, She was headed to a dentists appointment. Some of Her fillings were loose. G-d was seated on one of those hard plastic bench's toward the back, and was looking out the window.

The ebb, and flow of the traffic reminded Her of the starting, and sudden stop of schools of fish. The "Lord" couldn't help, but beam,..She smiled despite the bad fillings. For She loved all of Her children so...,from the smallest creatures on the bottom of the sea to the bus driver that was battling the traffic.

G-d turned, and looked around the bus. She saw that almost all the tribes of humanity were here. Yes, New York, Constantinople, Babylon how they gathered the family together. She enjoyed her time in all of them.

The children of Eve. Here they were on this downtown bus. There was a Russian plumber filling out a lotto ticket. A young African school girl telling secrets to her best friend. A Korean house painter idly cleaning plaster from under his finger nails. There at the side were two Mexican women in animated conversation about the new bookstore they were going to open.

And,.. an old woman, a woman who had lived most of her life in rural China. She was staring. Staring at "Her",..G-d. The woman looked from behind dark crinkled lids with clear brown eyes. Eyes that held recognition.

"I see You."

Eyes that beheld "G-d Almighty" on a bouncing downtown bus on an unremarkable day.

This didn't happen often, being seen, being "recognized." When it did it was usually small children or the dying. Those closest to transition, either entering or leaving this life. 'Children, the Dying' This woman that saw Her,..saw G-d was neither.

Her name was Violet. This woman who could see,..who could behold the "Creator of the Heavens, and the Earth.

When she was very young Violet was a soldier. She saw much suffering, terrible grief. Then later she loved, became a mother. Then a student, then a healer.

Violet spent most of her life as an herbalist. She learned how the Earth itself was a life giving organism. She used her knowledge of this to cure illness, assist childbirth, and ease death.

G-d, and Violet just sat, and beheld each other as New York blared, and blinked around them. Till at last Violet asked G-d, asked in a calm voice,.."Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"Almighty G-d" She who laid the foundations of Worlds, looked at Violet with just a touch of a gentle smile on her lips, and said,.."Yes."

Violet thought about G-d's answer as the bus waited for a stream of police cars, and fire engines, their sirens screaming, to pass. In a few minutes they were moving again. The bus eventually pulled up to Union Square the Violet's stop.

She got up to leave, but turned at the last moment, and asked G-d,.."Are you happy?" The "Maker of All Things" thought a moment, and said,.."We'll speak again in your dreams." The woman nodded, and went on her way.

That night her mouth still numb from the novacaine. G-d thought about Violets last question. "Am I happy?" How wise Her children were. Happiness was the whole point of creation.

Happiness, joy, fulfilment, the Lord smiled. "Oprah is closer to the 'Truth' than she knows", but still, is the Creator happy?

Cain, and Able God's cats meowed loudly. They were demanding attention, 'and' their dinner. A better brand of kitty litter would be nice too.

She who painted the void with fire, and hope knelt on her kitchen floor. The Founder of Dreams fed her dear companions. She looked out of her window, and saw that the night sky danced again with bright aurora's of prayers.

She will listen. Yes G-d will listen again to the Dreams, and Nightmares of Her children. G-d who made the stars shine, and galaxies spin will listen to the prayers of the world. Though tonight she will pray too.

Tonight God will Pray 'with' Her Children.




G-d is not far away in some golden heaven, ruling some distant Paradise. G-d is here with us. Always has been. Always will be. Because G-d's Heaven is on Earth.

The blue, and fruitful world continued to sail around it's golden sun. Life went on with all it's joys, sorrows, and mysteries. The years gathered into centuries. The centuries into millenia, and the millenia into ages. Ages that melted mountains, lowered, and raised seas, and rearranged the stars.

In this time all life was in the sea, as it was in the beginning. Humanity had long since transcended to their bright realities. Oh! How that pleased G-d! She was still with them, and loved them in their new realms.

Though She'd followed her children as they scattered themselves amongst the stars. She still remembered, and abided on the earth. Now She dwelled in the seas with her newer children. This as the land rested, and healed from it's long work.

G-d, the maker of Worlds, the founder of Dreams swam in clouds of plankton. She manuvered amongst schools of fish, burrowed with worms, swayed with sea weed, 'and' Contemplated with Whales. Whales..,and the others of their kind were the next of Her children who would find their way to the stars.

She would learn with them, wonder with them, pray with them till at last they too found their bright place in eternity. She would do this for them as She had for all of Her children on all of the Earths.

With Patients She would Watch.

With Patients She would Guide.

With Patients She would Love.


I wrote this a long time ago. Perhaps it needs a rewrite, but I'll leave it alone. It sez what it sez, and I'm glad I found it again. Well I did delete a few chapters, but no real loss.

Hope you liked it.

(Imagine, this is what the skies over all our towns, and cities may look like to G-ds, and Angels. All ablaze with our quiet prayers, and mediations.)

Friday, May 8, 2009


The above is a portion of Purgatory, of the nicer neighborhoods. Well okay it's just more of my toys, but you gets the idea.

Anyway this is the realm where you get dumped till the G-ddess or one of her minimum wage assistants figures out what to do with you.

Get comfortable there's a 28,000 year backlog.

There's no reason to be thinking about purgatory or it's twin hell. There's no reason 'cause we're already there,..always have been.

We live in paradise too.

It all depends on your point of view. ...and or medications. I miss my illegal drugs alot. I dream of them nightly. Once a doper always a lush. So I'm getting legal meds, hits of uninteresting shit when I could be sucking down the 'real' stuff.

They both do the same thing.

They help you to pretend that everything is cool, and you're okay.


At least with real dope, serious hard drugs you actually get a holy buzz, and see gawd, and fuck Angels, and saints all frigg'n night, day, night, day, and night again.

After that you Crash.

...or die.

'Done both, but for whatever reasons I came back or more likely was kick out.

...yeah, well fuck you too!

So bleep Paradise give me purgatory or the 'Other Place'. At least I'll have good company, and will meet most of my old pals. Not my dogs though. They get sent straight to Heaven.

...poor bastards.

"Rainy Daze"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What can I say. There I was in my new digs seeing spots, and dragons because I'm having a bad medication reaction. ..and the flu.

Anyway tonight I cooked dinner. Well the term "dinner" covers alot of territory. Eh, dogs, mac'n cheese, chunky chicken noodle, and a couple'a things I don't remember into one pot.

Let simmer for awhile, and eat.

Which I did.

When I came to I was outside in the backyard with grass in my mouth.

Next time I'll try something different.

Anyway before dinner I took these snaps of some of my toy dolls. Cute ain't they. I also did some work on the play, cleaned the bathroom, and tinkered with that model ship I got a while back.

If I ever finish it I'll take snaps as I launches it into the pond in Prospect Park. It's a WW2 Japanese destroyer.

In the morning I'll get my new nuthause meds, I hope, so I should be boring, and healthy in a few daze. Till then...

I just luv's ya's all to pieces!

Almost forgot,

Here's Braja'a calf Pushpa in the subway at 2:00am. That cow gets around. See "Holy Cow" below.