Friday, May 29, 2009

"Stumbling About Town"

Sorry everything looks so dark'n grey. It's been cloudy, and raining for weeks it seems. There was a break, and sun for a few hours, but then rain again.

Aw well April showers,, May storms bring,... hummm. The season are out of whack.


R K W said...

I so need to get to New York!

Uncle 2012 said...

You'd like it here, but watch ya back!

Anonymous said...


Hi, Sydney... Sorry to hear about 'Bleeding Queers' being zapped, by... whatever. People use, 'whatever' a lot these days, it seems to cover a multitude of sins.

Some of your comrades think it was that dastardly bounder bloke. I was called every name under the sun by some of your comrades. One paranoid person thought I was a cop. Then it seems I hacked into your Queer blog and reduced it to rubble. That was the biggest laugh of all, A computer wizz kid I most certainly am not. I could not hack into a wet paper bag.

As I said in that blog, I like your art, I like your writing style even more. The slice of life titbits put readers right in the NY picture. Write a real book and get the bloody thing published. You have the talent and the experiences to go with it.

You are all over the shop... A seething contradiction... Nuclear cannons... Dem Bones, Dem Bones... Toys...Dolls... Boy Soldiers...

I love it all, and the fact that you call yourself a pacifist and then admit that you have violent rages when it comes to certain people... Lets call them unspeakable arse holes for the sake of argument.

All this means you are a typical human being... nasty and nice, clever and stupid, happy and sad.

Keep doing the pictures and the words, people need words and pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney.

It seems one of your comrades has added... "Stupid' to his list of aggressive put-downs. Evidently, I am too stupid to hack into your old, 'Bleeding Queer' blog... I've already said I have not the technical know how to zap a professionally scripted blog... even if I wanted too... and I don't.

To all the paranoid queers and perverts out there...stop making ignorant, inaccurate snap judgements about people you know fuck all about.

A strongly held opinion this keyboard warrior does not agree with... equals... 'Stupid!'

Any more abusive comments comrades... I have a growing list now.

I tried to be nice in my last post, but some queers are... well..! really fucking queer!

Free speech is my religion. You say something and I reply to it, using logical argument... Censorship is not my bag at all.

I may be the only person on this blog who actually published a pervert periodical in print.