Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What can I say. There I was in my new digs seeing spots, and dragons because I'm having a bad medication reaction. ..and the flu.

Anyway tonight I cooked dinner. Well the term "dinner" covers alot of territory. Eh, dogs, mac'n cheese, chunky chicken noodle, and a couple'a things I don't remember into one pot.

Let simmer for awhile, and eat.

Which I did.

When I came to I was outside in the backyard with grass in my mouth.

Next time I'll try something different.

Anyway before dinner I took these snaps of some of my toy dolls. Cute ain't they. I also did some work on the play, cleaned the bathroom, and tinkered with that model ship I got a while back.

If I ever finish it I'll take snaps as I launches it into the pond in Prospect Park. It's a WW2 Japanese destroyer.

In the morning I'll get my new nuthause meds, I hope, so I should be boring, and healthy in a few daze. Till then...

I just luv's ya's all to pieces!

Almost forgot,

Here's Braja'a calf Pushpa in the subway at 2:00am. That cow gets around. See "Holy Cow" below.


R K W said...

Hope you are feeling better.
Take a look at my new posts, they may help in some way.

Cannibal said...

Nitrates to not treat this condition. Take it from me, you should have stayed poultry-based (and I don't mean Chicken dogs).

Zaek said...

That looks like a low-maintenance cow.