Friday, May 8, 2009


The above is a portion of Purgatory, of the nicer neighborhoods. Well okay it's just more of my toys, but you gets the idea.

Anyway this is the realm where you get dumped till the G-ddess or one of her minimum wage assistants figures out what to do with you.

Get comfortable there's a 28,000 year backlog.

There's no reason to be thinking about purgatory or it's twin hell. There's no reason 'cause we're already there,..always have been.

We live in paradise too.

It all depends on your point of view. ...and or medications. I miss my illegal drugs alot. I dream of them nightly. Once a doper always a lush. So I'm getting legal meds, hits of uninteresting shit when I could be sucking down the 'real' stuff.

They both do the same thing.

They help you to pretend that everything is cool, and you're okay.


At least with real dope, serious hard drugs you actually get a holy buzz, and see gawd, and fuck Angels, and saints all frigg'n night, day, night, day, and night again.

After that you Crash.

...or die.

'Done both, but for whatever reasons I came back or more likely was kick out.

...yeah, well fuck you too!

So bleep Paradise give me purgatory or the 'Other Place'. At least I'll have good company, and will meet most of my old pals. Not my dogs though. They get sent straight to Heaven.

...poor bastards.

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