Friday, May 1, 2009

"The Heart of Brooklyn"

My heavens, the tourista's have discovered Brooklyn. The above is our beloved Bridge, and blooms at the Botanical Gardens not far from my new digs. Below is a tourist bus from Quebec. I couldn't find 'them', but I saw their bus.

I imagine they were all swallowed up, and disappeared in the crowd. Brooklyn does that. You could dump the entire populations of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Reykjavik into the *"Borough of Churches", and never see them again.

Oh maybe every now, and then some bewildered guy in a cowboy hat would stumble into "Juniors" on Flatbush Ave, but that would be about it.

*(Brooklyn has 'more' churches within it's borders than any other city in the country. ...that includes them in the South!)

(...see the right way to get you some Juniors cheesecake is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, go up Flatbush Avenue. Then go on in, and order you up some serious slices. That's that.)


Humm, I think this was a bus load of Canadian cops.

Also, Trees 'do' grow in Brooklyn. They're all over the damned place. The City made a half hearted attempt to re-forest Walt Whitman's favorite diggs after Dutch-Elm damned near wiped us out back in the 1960's, and 70's.

What with assorted corrupt city bullshit, and eco-maniacs alot of trees got planted anyway. Now their coming of age. Thank the G-ddess! I may do a photo story on that as the summer rolls along

The last snapshot is dusk from my rear fire escape.

Yeah I've done the fire drill thing a few times. Pays to be on the safeside.

(Click on images to see my blurry snaps up close!)

Stay tuned.


Tricia said...

Great photos, and I love the trees in bloom. Maybe I need to spend more time in NY, but of what to do with a whole bus of cops?

Uncle 2012 said...

Oh those cops. Still haven't found them. 'But yes the trees are awakening.

Jump started but our very early, and to me scary heat wave!

Btw you have an interesting blog.