Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Fly Me Away"


Anonymous said...

Love the plane. A B-17 isn't it?

Uncle 2012 said...

Actually a Brit Halifax. WW2 Bomber Command hardware.

Just found it in one of my boxes.

I was tinkering about in my digs, and took some snaps of my old models.

It's little stuff like this that chills me out.

Zaek said...

I want a Zeppelin to scale. Me and my little plastic pals will fly it up the Rift Valley and over the Mountains of the Moon and up the Nile and across the Aegean and finally we'll moor at an Alpine castle where dozens of lively young friends eagerly await us. We'll go boating on a lake ringed by snowy peaks, then a champagne supper in the chateau, followed by assorted orgies. What adventurous lad wouldn't want to join us for voyages in an airship?

Uncle 2012 said...

I love your vision. Why don't you write a little story based on it.

I'll post it on "BQ".