Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Yes it's a new day at "WBAI" the Peoples Radio Station! Your beloved Uncle Sidney has been put in charge of the "Peoples Ice Cream Committee". Now that the extremeist nut jobs that have bankrupted Wbai have been consigned to the "dust bin" of history,...thank you Mr. Trotsky.

The politically correct race nuts, and commies have got the boot. They've been voted off our governing board,...finally,..mostly. A "Prague Spring" reigns up, and down the once dreary socialist realist studio's, and halls of our historic radio station. Hey we was founded by Pacifists ya know. Unfortunately later taken over by jive race nationalists, and stalinists.

However like my flirtation with sodomy all that is behind me now!

One of the first acts of the newly Democratic Wbai is to install an ice cream machine in our staff lounge. Your beloved Uncle,..that's me, has been rehabilitated from outer party "Non-Person" status to full Committee Commissar!, in this case I was apparently named "Peoples Commissar of the Frozen Treats Directorate Sub-committee to the Progressive Presidium of the Local Station Board".

( beats re-education camp)

Our work group will at once canvas our esteemed radio workers as to their favorite flavors. If these are approved by the Presidium, and it's associated peoples delegates from the "Revolutionary Health Food Collective" we'll be in "Cherry Garcia", and "Chunky Monkey" heaven!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Nevermind my pulp fiction end of the world "Endtimes" post below. I gots bigger problems. They's fuck'n ant's in my house. I can't believe this shit! I wakes up, and there's dots move'n around on my sheets.

Naturally I thinks it's my fucked up eyesight,...till I puts on my gottdamned glass's!

Fuck! The little anthocorid, nazi bastards is crawling all over the place including my Bed!! Hey I got no problem with ants. I mean they're not like roach's or spiders'n shit. Nah, they're more like stray cats. Yeah that's it.

'But I don't want no frigg'n stray fuck'n cat in my bed with me, and that goes double for them ants. The nerve'a these little sugar snort'n lowlifes . I'm gonna go out,and buy a hot Roscoe! That's "illegal firearm" to the rubes. I figure a .38 pack'n some nice hollow point slugs ought to teach them creepy bastards who boss!

Right I'll sneak up on the house, kick da door in, and start lighting up them monster's from fuck'n hell,"...BLAM!,...BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM!!!" Damn. Aint no bugs gonna fuck with the Kid! "BLAM,BLAM,BLAM,BLAM,BLAM,BLAM!!!!"

...More on this story as events warrent.

(CNN footage of the Horror's at my house!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


He was awake again, the man with the terrible wounds. Blinking through red slits he "looked" up at me. With a tattered rasp he said,.."Agony, and I have become intimate friends." His voice was like wind over broken glass. "We share the same body, the same nightmares."

The man,..the Angel? ..coughed molten gold from his ruined lips.

"Demons", "Pain Wraiths" did this to me." "Those wretched children of Hades that rejoice in their dominion over your world." "For idle amusement they plucked out my eyes, and tore off my wings." "For spites sake they infected my soul with doubt, and so severed my umbilical to Paradise,..Elysium."

After these words the wounded man mercifully drifted again into sleep. The only sound that cruel scrape of thin breath over sharp glass. At midnight there was a distant thunder,.. he stirred again, and awoke. He opened empty sockets smiled sadly and said,..."Silly Rabbit." "You have not escaped the fire." "You watched your calenders, held your breath for "Y2K",..then went back to sleep. "But G-d's time is G-d's time." "She will light Her candles, and burn Her worlds when she pleases."

The man/Angel gently touched my arm, and said..."These are the Days foretold to you!" "Your Tribulation 'has' come." With a weary resignation he said.."Go to the window, and look at the sky."

I did. I looked. It was gone. There was no sky. No day, no night, no moon, nor clouds, nor stars. Just void. Void. A great silent Nothing.

"As it was in the beginning", whispered the Angel. "Is now, and shall be forever."

I gazed into Heavens empty Chalice. Here at last was an answer to Faith. A "Sign", and most terrible wonder.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"When in Doubt go to the Mall"

"Eternal Christmas!"

Yes it's always X-Mass in our newsroom! We never took our plastic tree down nor do we intend to. It cheers us up. It certainly cheers me up.

Happy Passover!


Hi gang. Thanks for hanging with me through all my drama queen action. Yeah I was a bit deranged there for a while. It comes in waves. I seem to be stableize'n these daze. Thank you for being there.

Interesting,...I'm hearing the Angels again. Well that or I need to boost my meds again. Like Saint Joan, and other famous loonies I find the "voices" a comfort,...sort'a. Those comrads out there that have had spiritual events will know what I'm on about.

Why just last night one'a them gave me recipe for pressed crabgrass cookies. I think they were having me on. Still it's nice to be sitting in a dark studio, and be inundated to disembodied wisps of Angelic conversation, and divine scuttlebutt.

No I ain't kidding I hear'em.

Anyway thanks to both you, and them I'm out, and about again,...see photo of mobs buying flea market junk, and eat'n hot dogs. If you looks closely you may spot an out of focus Oscar Wilde on the prowl as well.
My gawd I loves this town!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

"Burnt Offering"

I feel really fucked up. I'm always exhausted, always pissed off, and depressed. Always on the brink of tears. Then there's the nightmares. I've had nothing, but nightmares for perhaps a month now. Some are deep horrors other's just plain stupid, and annoying, but they won't stop.

One solution has been my hiding behind snapshots of spring buds, and flowers. That, and other assorted triva from my life. I've been hoping that mucking about with all this might jumpstart my soul. So far no dice.

My despair, and rage might be post traumatic shit from the last few years of caregiving for my elderly cousin. Now that 'was' a nightmare. "Caregiver Burnout" they politely call it. Whatever it is it's changed me. These last two nearly three years have changed me. I think I'm a less patient, meaner, less kind person. Certainly less spiritual, less hopeful.

I've seen just how fragile our precious sense of identity is. I think the soul may be a myth afterall. I helplessly watched a careing, gentle, loving being degenerate into a shreiking thing. An insane, frightened shell of blood, and bile, and shit.

Such are the rewards for the "lord's" humble servants.

It don't look good comrads. We, our sacred 'selves' are less that frost in a blast furnace. Less than a sneeze in a sandstorm on mars. Our universe can be stripped away, and evaporated as if it never were. Dementia is the ultimate murder. Your body lives on to crap, scream, and spasum, but you, the 'you' that you think is a part of g-d,...that vanish's.

So my endless nightmare's, and weary annoyance with the world is kind'a understandable. Ya think?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Sprung Spring!"

I couldn't sleep so put on my shoes,, and pants too. Well all that'n I jammed my hat on my hedd, and took a quick trip to the Botanical Garden. I'm very lucky to have Prospect Park, and the Gardens so close. It's another world even in winter/spring or whatever we're passing through just now.

Spring btw is doing it's damndest to break through. The winds were cold, but the sun was warm. So I alternatlely sweated, and froze during my sleep deprived adventures. There were eactly three,..not four as the Garden website sez. Three cherry trees have awakened so far.

Last year it was spooky. most of them started blooming in feburary because of the very warm winter. This year we seemed to be on shedule,...even though it only snow twice. It's just not right. It should snow everyday or almost everyday in winter.

Anyway I spent most of yesterday morning hanging out near the one 'really' blooming tree,..above, taking snaps of it. I was the only one there. Everybody else was either at class or work. Not even the unemployed had arrived yet. I had the whole damned Garden to myself....Mine! All Mine! MURRUUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


(Click on the pix's to get a face full! They ain't blurred this time for a change. Umm, the video's are kind'a fucked up. The sun was really bright. Hey whaddaya' want I gots a lowend crappy camera, but watch'em anyway.)