Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hi gang. Thanks for hanging with me through all my drama queen action. Yeah I was a bit deranged there for a while. It comes in waves. I seem to be stableize'n these daze. Thank you for being there.

Interesting,...I'm hearing the Angels again. Well that or I need to boost my meds again. Like Saint Joan, and other famous loonies I find the "voices" a comfort,...sort'a. Those comrads out there that have had spiritual events will know what I'm on about.

Why just last night one'a them gave me recipe for pressed crabgrass cookies. I think they were having me on. Still it's nice to be sitting in a dark studio, and be inundated to disembodied wisps of Angelic conversation, and divine scuttlebutt.

No I ain't kidding I hear'em.

Anyway thanks to both you, and them I'm out, and about again,...see photo of mobs buying flea market junk, and eat'n hot dogs. If you looks closely you may spot an out of focus Oscar Wilde on the prowl as well.
My gawd I loves this town!

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