Friday, March 27, 2009


T'wasn't a fit night for nobody! Sheets of rain blinding the whole raging lot of as as we tried to get from one headache to another last night.

'But then "...april showers bring may flowers." Yeah all very nice, but this is still march so gimme a break!

Otherwise I'm happy as a 16 year old sailor with a $1000 dollars who just wandered into an upscale Shanghai whorehouse circa 1912.

Well maybe not 'that' happy.

I'm at least dry, and waiting for my bed, and other assorted bourgeois necessities to show up. Humm, maybe I should bake a cake. No better,..I'll try to make cream puffs!

Oh wait a minute. I still don't got no pots'n pans 'n stuff. That cream puff thing 'might' be a problem without any of that.

...I'll figure something.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Views from Home"

I was laying on my floor, no furniture yet. I was laying, and or wandering around my digs, and took a few snapshots. I likes the place the way it is.


It's zen, but without that bald guy hitting you with a stick. Which reminds me of a conversation I had with a gal pal.

Why ain't there any Black Buddhists?

I answered that question with a question. "Hey you ever seen a room full of quiet Black folks?" I mean that wasn't stoned or sleeping. We're an energetic people, and that's that.

The image of a bunch'a black folks sitting quietly for hours on end with some Chinese bald guy hitting them with a big stick is an "In Living Color" skit waiting to happen.

Throw in "Homey the Clown", and you have a comedy classic on your hands.

So no my digs aren't likely to be an ashram or whatever anytime soon. Still I 'could' use a chair. 'Cause now the only place to sit is the kitchen window sill, and the toilet.

More later.

'Love dat Homey!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

"My Sleeping Corner"

Well I've been gleefully poking about my new digs for a few daze now. I loves it here! Still has to go on that "Ikea" safari with Pickles. This to get odds, and ends that may come in handy.

A certain ice cream cone shaped lamp comes to mind. That and blinds'n curtains.

Right now as you can see I'm camping out at the place, and snoozing in a sleeping bag. 20 years ago this would have been fun. However these days I 'really' need a bed. The softer the better!

An RAF Sea Fury made an emergency landing in my bedroom last night,...good thing I was awake. 'Poor bastard would'a splat,smashed against my window like a bug hitting the windshield of an 18 wheeler during a blizzard on Route 66!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Home Free!"

(Above are snaps of the famed "Burnt Orange Wing" of Sydneyhause. I just calls it "The Ballroom".)


Actually it's not "free" at all it's frigg'n expensive! However it beats living on the subway, and crapping in an alley. Okay I never crapped in an alley,..but I came close one night.

..right, thanks for sharing.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm now a lease holding, renting paying wage slave like the rest of the masses of drones out there.


'But seriously this is actually swell. I'm happy as heck not being lost, wandering, and nuts. Now I'm sheltered, and nuts. Which is better,..I'm here to tell'ya like the cowboys say after they get killed by Indians,..or something.

Please enjoy these swell snap shots of my vast happy home! There's more on my "Sydneyhause" page.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Protection Racket"

I wandering about downtown, and happened on the "A.I.G." fortress. This headquarters of theft has become a tourist attraction for the masses. I took a few snap myself. Actually it's not that impressive a spot.

Just another blank glass tower. Albeit full of crooks.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"I ^..^ NY"

I was wandering through midtown, and ran smack into the Dali Lama. Well okay 2000 of his pals. I was headed for "Midtown Comixs" to pick up the latest "Catwoman" when I slammed into the above.

Seems the Chinese are busy exterminating Tibet,..again.

Hey I got Chinese relatives so I ain't bashing,..much. However these guys think Tibet belongs to them, and they're hell bent to make that unique culture vanish.

Mind you them Tibet guys is no bag of jollies.

They has all sorts of sexist, racist, religious mayhem going for themselves. I don't think I'd want to live there if ya know what I mean. Still, people have the right to whatever nuthause they want to live in without someone else messing with them.

Anyway this is life in the big city.

(Click on snapshots to enlarge into urban reality! the below swell movies too!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Recession Special"

I must say that this depression has done one good thing. You can now get larger portions of slop for less. Tasty "slop",..with sauce. Umm, it hit the spot!

There was even some leftovers to take with me!

I was looking at photos of the last Great Depression. If one looks carefully you'll see shops in the backround offering big meals for pennies. I'm glad this tradition seems to be coming back.

Paying $20. at a deli for a sandwich, and a coke is now out of the question, and I'm glad shop keepers finally realize this. "Harry's" above, which squats in the shadow of the Empire State Building.

Old "Harry's" was a middle upscale eatery, but now has become 'reasonable' to stay in business. Smart move guys. Pastrami for the Mass's!

Btw, not really sure what was in tonight's slop, but it was good!

Sorry about the blurred snap shots.

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Earth Attacks!"

Okay so that last post was insane, what. Still it 'was' fun being Emperor of the only, so far as I know, independent country on the web. I think it lasted about a year before it was all deleted when I post a naked person on it.

Aw well.

Right now I'm a tad insane with anxiety profound depression, rage, and boredom. Like I've mention on my Sydneyhause blog in some ways I want to go back out onto the streets.

For those just joining this clambake I was Homeless for over five months last year. It was seriously dangerous, humiliating, and crazy, but I was getting used to it.

'And I wanted to die too.

Turns out we're like rats or roaches. It's seriously hard to kill us. Like in war or bad american neighborhoods. A guy can get shot three, four times, and he's still around to fuck things up.

Resilient, that's us.

We're vermin with big brains. Smart, vicious, relentless that's homosapians for ya.

That's me.

Still here with all my deranged bullshit despite everything. I think the only way I'm gonna croak is by old age or some stupid disease.

That or the way things are going maybe I'll starve or get wasted in some riot. Yeah a food riot at the supermarket or Wendy's. Right. Something like that seems reasonable.

Oh, but I believe in beauty, goodness, and Angels. Well I did, and still do a bit. A very little bit. Anyway I'll hang on if only to see how this nightmare plays out.

I love a good story.

Stay Tuned.

"Defense of the Realm"

One of the last aircraft of the once vast Sydneyland air fleet. This pictured below our restored Royal Standard of the Royal Republic of Sydneyland.

(As older viewers will recall these blogs began several years ago as the provinces of the peaceful Royal Republic of Sidneyland.

It was assaulted, and scattered by several hostile reactionary deletions. However is now in the process of renewal.

Btw all of our dear subjects should know that all titles, and awards that were bestowed up you in former times are still valid, and will be respected.)

(Construction continues)

As things settle down, and the new Capital Palace, and Royal residence of the Royal Republic of Sydneyland nears completion. I'm taking stock of what few of our Royal Vessels have survived the recent dislocations.

So far as I can find only one cruiser, and the materials for the construction of two others of our once great navies have been located. Also only three aircraft of the former Royal Air Forces have been recovered.

The above being our last F-18.

(Our New Nipponese Marriage Doll)

We will soon assemble a conclave of our air marshals, and admirals to discuss this state of affairs. Should we rebuild our forces or put our now 'limited' resources in to the expansion of our doll, and figurine population.

The opinions of 'you' my good, and loyal subjects is welcomed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Below Zero!"

I went out today into what I thought would be semi-spring like weather,..despite the snow storm. Well gang it's below 0!, Zero degrees f. with the wind chill. Nearly got frostbite taking these stupid snaps.

Click on the top one for a better look at the Statue of Irony.