Friday, March 6, 2009

"Defense of the Realm"

One of the last aircraft of the once vast Sydneyland air fleet. This pictured below our restored Royal Standard of the Royal Republic of Sydneyland.

(As older viewers will recall these blogs began several years ago as the provinces of the peaceful Royal Republic of Sidneyland.

It was assaulted, and scattered by several hostile reactionary deletions. However is now in the process of renewal.

Btw all of our dear subjects should know that all titles, and awards that were bestowed up you in former times are still valid, and will be respected.)

(Construction continues)

As things settle down, and the new Capital Palace, and Royal residence of the Royal Republic of Sydneyland nears completion. I'm taking stock of what few of our Royal Vessels have survived the recent dislocations.

So far as I can find only one cruiser, and the materials for the construction of two others of our once great navies have been located. Also only three aircraft of the former Royal Air Forces have been recovered.

The above being our last F-18.

(Our New Nipponese Marriage Doll)

We will soon assemble a conclave of our air marshals, and admirals to discuss this state of affairs. Should we rebuild our forces or put our now 'limited' resources in to the expansion of our doll, and figurine population.

The opinions of 'you' my good, and loyal subjects is welcomed.


Zaek said...

If I marry the doll do I get citizenship? Assuming so, I'll vote for our nation's best pilot to fly the air force over the main Murdoch offices and flatten the building! Provided that doesn't drain too much funding from the completion of the Royal Palace.

Uncle 2012 said...

Anyone that wishes to be a citizen of the Royal Republic is automatically matriculated.

Greetings new Citizen Zaek!